Giant tech company Google has recently announced that they will be releasing a new mobile app for iOS as well as Android devices. The new app is good for Education customers and is called Classroom. Classroom is available in the U.S. and is a web-based platform that allows handing out assignments, planning lessons, and working along with students. However, the app is not just for teachers as students can also access the features from their mobile devices. Google noted that they would be adding many other features to the app soon.

Snap a photo: Right from the assignment page in the mobile app, students can snap a photo and attach it to their assignment — whether it’s the experiment they just did for a science class, or a drawing they made of their family tree. And if they’ve forgotten their homework, they can ask someone at home to snap a photo, text it and then turn it in with the app. Of course, if the dog has actually eaten it, Classroom can’t help you.

Google also noted that students will be able to take photos to attach to their assignments right from the Classroom app. And for those that use ‘I forgot my homework at home’ excuse will need to find a new one as anyone who’s home can take a picture of your assignment, text it and you can turn it in within the app. Those who are interested in Google’s new Classroom app can find it in the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play for Education store.

Source: Google