After a slew of health and fitness devices were announced at CES, one analyst believes Apple’s Health application and HealthKit tools for developers will help lead to a diverse ecosystem that will differentiate the iPhone from competing platforms. Steven Milunovich of UBS issued a note to investors where he praised the strength of what he referred to as the “Applesphere.” The wide range of apps and accessories that connect to Apple’s ecosystem is only expected to grow further thanks to the healthcare industry.

Milunovich envisions future devices in the form of necklaces that can monitor heart function and headbands that can track brain waves. He sees that iPhone attachments could allow lab tests of blood, liver, kidney, urine, breath and sweat. When it comes to applications, Milunovich sees FDA-approved software that could allow for users to diagnose their own ear, eye, throat, lunch and heart issues. He also sees routine video consultations from mobile devices becoming popular. Milunovich continued by stating the following regarding the matter:

We expect that health apps will provide brand and device differentiation for Apple in coming years, though it will take time given hurdles such as FDA approvals.
The analyst sees opportunities for Apple to monetize this growing ecosystem through the Apple-certified, Made for iPhone accessories, paid applications and Apple Pay support. The key differentiator that stands out here for Milunovich is the platform. He feels that this movewill give iOS a leg up on competing devices which run on different operating systems such as Google’s Android. Milunovich continued by stating the following:

Apple offers access to sophisticated users through one contact point. It all adds up to what Tim Cook calls a mega-ecosystem across multiple consumer use cases, or what we call the Applesphere.
As a result of the note, UBS maintained its “buy” rating for shares of AAPL with a 12-month price target of $125. We’ll have to see if what Milunovich believes turns out to be true or if it will take Apple longer to gain traction while its competitors catch up.

Source: UBS via AppleInsider