The developers of the popular PDF reader, GoodReader, have recently removed several operations related to iCloud Drive to help comply with Apple’s guidelines. More specifically, GoodReader’s ability to create and delete new folders inside iCloud along with the ability to move iCloud files have been disabled. The developer called the iCloud usage policy “mandatory” and also included VoiceOver compatibility along with a bug fix for opening iCloud containers. The following was mentioned in the change log for the updated version of the app:

Important iCloud functionality change:

To ensure the compliance to Apple's iCloud usage policy, the following operations have been disabled: creation of new folders inside iCloud, deletion of folders inside iCloud, moving of files and folders inside iCloud.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the iCloud usage policy is mandatory.
It should be noted that the changes to GoodReader come a week after Panic’s file management app, Transmit, was forced to disable its send to iCloud Drive feature. This move subsequently caused the removal of all Share Sheet file transfers to all other third-party services. Apple ended up reversing its course on Transmit as the app reinstated the feature in an update shortly after.

Although iOS 8 has introduced several new features for developers to implement and offer consumers, several developers have been forced to remove key features from their apps for reasons that remain unclear. As time passes by, many of these issues are likely to be resolved between developers and Apple with the end result being a more streamlined and feature-rich experience for consumers without all of the hassles of going back and forth on feature sets.

Those of you interested in downloading GoodReader can do so for $4.99 from the App Store for your iPhone or iPad.

Source: iTunes via MacRumors