Gameloft updated its highly popular Modern Combat 5: Blackout first-person shooter game for the iOS platform Wednesday morning with a whole bunch of goodies in the all-new version 1.1.0 update for the game.

Among the changes, Gameloft has added some holiday fun to the game, with Christmas decorations all around the user interface of the game, holiday jingles added to the game menu, a Santa skin for V.I.P.s, a new blizzard effect for the rooftops gaming map, some seasonal masks, and much more.

In addition to the holiday fun, Gameloft has made several improvements to the game by adding two additional maps to the game: Scramble and Overtime, as well as the ability to vote for the next map that you'll play on in multi-player mode. If you feel like you were cheated out of victory in a multi-player match, you now have the ability to request a re-match too.

The game also brings with it a new Notification Center widget that can tell you when your friends are online, see your rank, and see the status of live events. The update also brings with it an extra-powerful anti-cheating engine, a report feature for users to report suspect cheaters, and improvements to the spawning system and kill cameras.

If you're an existing player of Modern Combat 5: Blackout, then you can grab this update for free from the Updates tab in the App Store application. If you haven't already grabbed this game, you're missing out. It's about one of the best first-person shooter games for the iOS platform that you can find. It's available in the iOS App Store for $3.99 from this link.

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