Apple has gone through the content of its digital content stores, including the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store and has selected the 'Best of 2014' from each store. A new section has been posted in these stores with a 'Best of 2014' banner (artwork shown above) that shows the items the company deems as noteworthy for this year.

Among the numerous applications that Apple is choosing as the best of 2014, Apple has chosen one application overall to be the App of the Year. The iPhone application chosen for this title was the free application Elevate - Brain Training, while the iPad application that was chosen as the App of the Year was Pixelmator. Apple has also given coverage to the top Games of the Year, which for the iPhone was Threes! and for the iPad was Monument Valley. In the Mac App Store, Apple highlights Notability as the App of the Year, and Tomb Raider as the game of the year for Mac OS X.

Apple also highlights the best artist, best album, best song, and best new artist in the iTunes Store:

The best blockbuster movie, best family movie, best director, and best discovery in the iTunes Store:

The best T.V. show, the best performances, the best discovery, and the best breakthrough in the iTunes Store:

And finally, from the iBooks Store, the best nonfiction book and the best fiction book:

Among the best of the best, the company also lists several other runner-up applications and media, along with other notable applications and media released this year. To check out all of these 'Best of 2014' picks, you can head over to the App Store, iTunes Store, or iBooks Store on any of your iOS devices or Macs.