For a limited time, Spotify is making an appeal to those that have never used Spotify Premium before. The new deal allows new subscribers that have never had Spotify Premium to subscribe to the service for just 99 per month for the first three months, after which, the price would go up to the usual $9.99 per month.

Existing users of Spotify Premium have to no way to sign up for this promotional offer, so it's solely for new subscribers. The offer also ends on December 31st, so those that want to take advantage of this deal need to sign up within the next 28 days to qualify.

Spotify Premium gives you full search-and-listen access to Spotify's music catalogs on mobile devices, unlimited streaming without ads, and much more that free users don't get to experience. The 99 for the first three months is a great deal for this kind of service.

Students have the option to sign up for just $4.99 per month if they are enrolled in an eligible college.

For more information about Spotify's 99 3-month promotion for new users, you can head over to Spotify's Web site at this link.

Sources: Spotify