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Thread: Apple Has Hidden Settings in iOS 8 You Don't Know About, Here's How to Show Them!

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    Default Apple Has Hidden Settings in iOS 8 You Don't Know About, Here's How to Show Them!

    Apple has a lot of hidden settings in iOS 8 that you probably don't know about. They're hidden from the everyday user, and the only way you can show them is to be a part of Apple and have the tools necessary to invoke the settings, or to be jailbroken and enable them the good old-fashioned way – with a jailbreak tweak.

    The hidden settings vary between animation settings, UI settings, functional settings, and more. There are so many settings we can't list them all, but we'll take you through the general gist of what they're about.

    First off, you will need to install a new free jailbreak tweak called AdvancedSettings8 by iOS developer Joshua Seltzer. With that installed, you can go ahead and tap and hold on the Settings application icon, and you'll get a pop-up view with a bunch of advanced Settings that you normally can't access as a regular user:

    The various settings include:

    • A software volume slider
    • A place to test various iOS 8 functions, such as notifications
    • Settings for configuring the iOS 8 parallax effect down to every last detail
    • Settings for configuring folders in iOS 8
    • Settings for configuring application icon animations down to every last detail
    • Settings for configuring the appearance and function of Control Center
    • Settings for configuring the motion, animations, and functionality on the iOS 8 Lock Screen
    • Settings for configuring the App Switcher down to every last detail
    • Some settings for CarPlay
    • A place to test various Lock Screen functions, such as notifications
    • A place to configure screen fade animations
    • A place to configure alerts
    • Settings for configuring Notification Center down to every last detail
    • Settings for configuring the legibility of text and images
    • Settings for wallpapers
    • Settings for configuring icon adaptive colors
    • Some Home Button settings
    • Some Lock Screen slide up application settings
    • Settings for configuring Reachability down to every last detail
    • The ability to prevent screen dimming
    • Several settings for animation overrides
    • Setting everything back to the default settings

    You will discover how in-depth these settings are once you install this tweak and start looking into the depths of the various settings. You can basically adjust numbers and settings to just where you want them to be, but the unfortunate part is that all of your configurations are lost if you reboot your iOS 8 device, so you'll have to re-configure your settings if you ever reboot. With that being said, this is more of a play-around-with-the-settings-and-see-what-happens tweak instead of a customize-your-device-to-your-liking tweak. Although, if you never reboot your iOS 8 device, you could still technically use this tweak for just that.

    The tweak also adds a preferences pane to the Settings application where you can enable or disable the tweak on demand:

    To start playing around with these settings right now, you can head over to Cydia and download AdvancedSettings8 completely free of charge. The tweak is only intended for iOS 8 devices.

    Name: AdvancedSettings8
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0.0
    Requirements: iOS 8.0-8.1.1
    Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 8.1
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Joshua Seltzer
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    Oh wow, and the these settings for Reachability are completely native right? So it will be as responsive on my 5S as it is on the 6/6+? I ask because the ReachAll tweak I have now is great, but the double tap on the TouchID sensor doesn't always work very smoothly... I have to try it a few times sometimes, or even hold my finger on it for it work...

    If only it didn't reset upon reboot...

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    ^^ I agree, I power off my phone every night so this wouldn't work for me. Would love the option though

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    Default Apple Has Hidden Settings in iOS 8 You Don't Know About, Here's How to Show T...
    I used this settings using a similar tweak that supposedly had the same limitation: doesn't stick upon reboot.
    I reboot my phone/iPad and these hidden settings 'disappear'... Until I respring.
    Once I do that, my settings return to what they were set to.
    Maybe people should try that.
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    LOL! This 'tweak' has been available since the iOS 8 jailbreak came out. This guy/girl just added an extra gesture to it. Old news...

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