Just a few days ago, Apple exec Eddy Cue went on a holiday shopping spree and showed off Apple Pay at Panera, Bloomingdales, the Disney Store, and the Apple Store. Now, the Disney Store has added Apple Pay into itís iPhone app ahead of the holiday shopping season, which starts next week. Customers can now use Apple Pay to purchase their items from the iOS Disney Store app upon check out. This will make shopping much easier for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users as they will be able to pay with just fingerprint Touch ID. No more going through the hassle of entering credit card numbers manually.

One thing to note however is that consumers will still have to manually input their shipping address when using Apple Pay. This is something that has yet to be updated like other Apple Pay supported apps on the iPhone. Some iOS apps are able to retrieve information from settings in Apple Pay. Weíre sure though itíll only be a matter of time before Disney adds that feature in as well. If you plan on purchasing holiday gifts from the Disney Store this year, rest assured that your checkout process on the iPhone and in store will be much more convenient with Apple Pay.

Source: iTunes (Disney Store)