As a part of Apple's ritualistic practice of picking one App Store application worthy of recognition and giving it the title App of the Week, Apple has picked Monster Dash this week, a popular iOS game by Halfbrick Studios. As a part of being dubbed the App of the Week, the game has officially gone free in the iOS App Store until next Thursday; it's usually a 99 game.

This game puts you in the middle of a platform shooter game where you're running dead on against monsters and its your job to blow their heads off and survive as long as you can. There are all kinds of different weapons to be used, and you'll experience a seemingly never-ending wave of monsters that just want to attack you.

The game includes online leaderboards so that you can compete with your friends and try your best for the top high score. In-app purchases are offered in the game so you can buy your own advantages.

If you want to download Monster Dash while it's free, you can head over to this App Store link.

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