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Thread: 'Aeternum' Brings the Apple Watch Home Screen Interface + Animations to the iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Kraft View Post
    Your folders remain intact though, when you switch back, everything is as you left it.
    Nice! I bought it. It's pretty cool, and battery drain is barely noticeable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChicagoV View Post
    This was the first thing I thought of... never worked for me.

    Doesn't work for me (iPhone 6)
    Don't have a 6 to test on, so I'm not sure how to help then. Sorry :/

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    EXACTLY.. That's the first thing Idid also. In fact I outlined it in my OP. I'm going to give the workaround a shot just to see how it plays..Ideally for me implementing a workaround for a subpar performing tweak combination is a proposition I have a limited amount of interest in. I think the Aeternum tweak is awesome and also activator as well but as it stands they aren't playing well together...

    I'm not happy to use a workaround to enable a functionality that should be working natively only to just bring it back to the slightly sluggish transitions etc.. I think I'll sit on my purchase until an update is released that brings these apps up to their full potential when working together.
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    Activator is causing a conflict with the Touch ID sensor - there's really no "workaround" for that. Not on the 6 or 6+. It even causes an occasional hiccup or two within apps that allow Touch ID integration. It needs to be updated - not only because it's one of the key reasons people (like myself) JB in itself, but other PAID tweaks are dependent upon it to even function.

    Hardly the end of the world, but I agree on just sitting it out a bit until Activator's updated.
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    You can keep themed Icons, but you will have to disable some of your tweaks to get it working.

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    Folders please!

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    Very nice tweak, but i have it disabled already. I find some actions slow (but that could be cause of springtomizer?) and it needs a few days to discover your own apps again.

    No problems with the Activator action though. Works perfectly 👍

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    when i try to install its told me
    depend mobile substrate
    i try to download it but can't find it

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    I love it! I've installed it on my 8.1 5s and my 3rd generation iPad. Works great on the iPhone. Has crashed the iPad once but I'm cool with that as it says it's not fully compatible yet. Definitely the coolest new tweak I've seen in a long time. Really sets my iPhone apart from everyone's stock iPhones. Definitely worth the price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
    We noted in our review here:

    "iOS 8 is supported – iOS 7, not so much!"

    Also, the Cydia description is crystal clear:

    Now is the time to update to iOS 8.1. iOS 8.1.1 is on its way out and it cannot be jailbroken. I'd suggest the jump.
    If only they read before they pirated.
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    Default 'Aeternum' Brings the Apple Watch Home Screen Interface + Animations to the i...
    Quote Originally Posted by therandy View Post
    If only they read before they pirated.
    I didn't pirate this I bought it the day it was released. Normally it won't let you download if its not compatible with your device. So don't assume $#!+
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    Default 'Aeternum' Brings the Apple Watch Home Screen Interface + Animations to the i...
    On a lighter note. It now works with the new update. Not all of it though, the dock doesn't work nor does activator.

    Edit: activator is working.
    It's definitely better on a 5 and up. With my 4s the icons disappear on the top and bottom of the screen. But It's an awesome tweak anyway.
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    hi, thanks for this great tweak but is there a chanche to support transparent winterboard themes?? there´s always a black background


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    Has anyone figured out how to theme the iconmask? Tried many times with no success!

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    Anyone know how to theme Aeternum? Been looking everywhere and can't seem to figure it out

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