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Thread: Documents from GTAT Case Unsealed, Provide More Insight Into What Really Happened

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilpetabread View Post
    Yea, you're right. However, there's a difference between turning a profit and bending your customers over. Especially at the point where Apple is financially, they should be lowering their prices to something more reasonable, even if it's only slightly. You know, they've only stated many times that they have more money than they know what to do with. They're missing out on potential sales. If their prices were more reasonable, I just might upgrade my phone every year instead of every 2 years. And so would a lot of people.

    Hell, it might even be a nice marketing stunt with a market as saturated as it is with smartphones now. "Hey guys, we're here for the consumers, so we've made our products more affordable because we care about you." Something along those lines, even though it would obviously be total BS.

    I love my iPhone, but it kills me every time a tear down is done and we see just how bad we're being screwed on the price we pay. Even more so when we see they're only paying less than $7 to have a 6+ assembled in China. It also kills me when I see the price I paid for my 6+ is more than the new Vizio 4K Smart TV. It's crazy, for the price I paid for two 6+, I could've bought the Vizio 4K TV, Xbone, PS4 and the Vizio 5.1 surround sound bar and a game or 2. Crazy.
    But you did buy an iPhone 6+ despite the price, that's the main reason why Apple doesn't lower their prices. They see that consumers are willing to spend all this money for their products year after year (and they break record sells every year). So why would they want to start charging less? A lot of it is the consumer, if people stopped buying iPhone's because of the price I'm sure Apple would start selling them cheaper (though it would have to be a big number). But as of right now, people are willing to spend whatever Apple charges so they have no reason to stop.

    As for the GTAT incident, yeah it sucks that it happened like it did, but that's how business is done. GTAT should have been smart enough to pull out after things starting getting iffy. I'm sure they trusted Apple and thought everything would end up well, but it didn't turn out that way, so now they're in this position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a2943149 View Post
    Nicely said. I agree, there are just too many isuckers with too much money. The problem I see and why I left Apple is I hate the way they do business and dont want to encourage it so not giving them anymore money. AND their "latest" device is years old compared to the competition. The iphone 6 is equal to a Galaxy S3. I dont think its as good as an S4 so its at least 3 years behind. Their new feature is many years old. I think the Galaxy S2 had NFC or was it the Galaxy S1? Anyway its old. I went to a Galaxy S4 and used NFC payments for years and now on a Galaxy S5 and still happily using NFC payments. Its so much quicker than the applepay version. No need to hold my finger on a button and wait for it to be processed, the way I have it its as fast as using the actual credit card. I dont have to open any apps, press anything just tap and go. I'm already out the store before you've even finished processing the payment. I guess you'll have to wait at least 2 more years before its as fast as that and thats IF they want to make it that quick but its Apple so I doubt it.

    Go have a look at the phones and features. The Galaxy has so many more and they are priced cheaper. Have you seen the drop tests? Just because they are priced cheaper doesn't mean they are cheaper. The drop tests I've seen have the Galaxy S5 working fine where the iPhone 6 is in pieces unuseable and BENT. I will happily take the better phone at a cheaper price anyday. And why? Because I dont have the money to waste and I'm not a isucker anymore.

    And about laptops. The apple laptops are always at least $1000 overpriced compared to a PC version. The $500 PC is equal to a $1500 Mac and thats being generous. I have a $700 ultrabook which is a lot better than the Mac version. I think its equal to a $2000 Macbook but mine doesn't come in a Macbook version as its touchscreen and does a lot more than a Macbook can. OH, I can also install MacOS on it and any other OS I want. I currently have it dual booting Windows 8.1 and Android. Cant do that with a Macbook. IF you can you cant do it was easy as on a PC Laptop.
    Boy oh boy oh boy!!! Another ill informed troll posting on here talking trash.

    My buddy is a fandriod boy and can tell you he has hardly used his NFC on his G series phones. Do you even have a clue or even watched on how Apple Pay works? I don't know how you come to the conclusion that putting your finger on the Touch ID take forever or that much longer than on a Android device.

    I suggest you lose or stop using the whole BENT iPhone6+ thing. I have a 6+ since(9-22-14)that I walk around and drive with in my left front pocket, even working on my buddies ranch and it's still straight. I'm just using this case too iPhone 6 Plus Case, SpigenĀ® [SOFT-FLEX] iPhone 6 Plus (5.5) Case Slim **NEW** [Capsule] [Crystal Clear] Premium Clear Flexible Soft TPU Case - ECO-Friendly Packaging - Slim Case for iPhone 6 Plus (5.5) (2014) - Crystal Clear (SGP10886):

    You obviously haven't looked very hard to find a comparable laptop to a Macbook Pro. Here is one I found easily at Best Buy Dell XPS 15.6" TouchScreen Laptop Intel Core i7 16GB Memory 512GB Solid State Drive XPS158949SLV - Best Buy

    Here's another one also DELL Precision M3800 (462-3490) Notebook Intel Core i7 4702HQ (2.20GHz) 16GB Memory 512GB SSD NVIDIA Quadro K1100M 15.6" Touchscreen Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit - and cost more than the MBP

    Just about the same specs as the MacBook Pro that I have right now. I-7, 512GB SSD, 16GB Ram and etc... I wouldn't call that a big difference in price like your calling it. Again? I suggest doing research before posting in here.

    I do have a Hackintosh desktop computer that is running dual boot, and now having a MacBook Pro. I have to give props to Apple for making a dual boot a lot easier using Bootcamp. Bootcamp walks you straight thru and even downloads the drivers from MS to make everything on the MBP compatible. It's a lot easier and less hassle than doing a Hackintosh dual boot. So again with you saying you can't do it with a Mac, I suggest knowing what you're talking about before posting!

    So go troll somewhere else!
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    I thought many of the same things, but couldn't reason them out like that.

    Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by a2943149 View Post
    apple are a rude company and this proves it. They want everything for free. They will suck other companies till they crumble and die like this one.
    thats why I left apple and went to Samsung. I think its a better device and I just hate the way apple do business so I wont give them any money, I will happily now give it to their competition.
    Waiting for the iPad to die then I will be completely free from them.
    You sounds like that Samsung does not do the exact same thing. Either you are blind, or overly naive, or have a hidden agenda.

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