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Thread: Pangu Untether Package for iOS 8 Updated to Version 0.4

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    Thanks Pangu. These are fast updates. Given the inability to do any large scale beta testing in advance I'm just glad running the jailbreak software doesn't cause you to grow a third testicle. Though I'm sure that would be fixed in v0.5.

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    Default Pangu Untether Package for iOS 8 Updated to Version 0.4
    Quote Originally Posted by Parana6 View Post
    Updated to pangu 0.4 and no problems here. Just battery going down faster than when I was stock.
    This is the case with all jailbreaks I've ever used since iOS 3. Part of the price of jail breaking. About 10-15% battery loss.

    It's actually compounded by the tweaks we use too.

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    PSA: Those who have done an OTA update to 8.1 should do a full restore with iTunes first. Jailbreaks don't seem to play well with OTA updated iPhones.

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    Maybe look at it as two different approaches to JB:
    1) Develop; test; debug; release; repeat (ala Dev Team, Chronic Dev Team, evaders)
    2) Develop; test; release; debug; repeat (Pangu)

    The advantage of #1 is stability and reliability, the disadvantage is it takes longer to get there. The advantage of #2 is the exact opposite.

    For years we've been reading posts of people b!tching about 'when's the jb gonna be released --- waaAAaa!'. Well, Pangu is your response: caveat emptor. Only, in this case, you still aint paying nuthin' for it so, you get what you get.

    My concern with this has always been -- and still is -- I have to take developers at their word that they're not putting anything funky (back doors, root kits, etc.) in their JB code. In the past we could [mostly] communicate with devs involved with JB and because there were several sometimes competing parties there has been, to some degree or another, some sort of peer-review of the work (unless, of course, everyone was being payed-off in some grand conspiracy.)
    Is that the case with Pangu? Have any of the other teams gotten to look at their code to see what it really does? Or is everyone so addicted to their JB-fix that they just don't care?

    Of course, if Apple would just open to unsigned apps, we wouldn't have to deal with this. They should just put in a switch that lets you effectively enable or disable a built-in JB with the caveat that you're on your own if you turn it on.

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