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Thread: Apple's iOS 8 and Android's KitKat Adoption Compared

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    It’s been proven that the additon of a new BlueTooth module will give me continuity. I don’t want it so I won’t buy the extra hardware. I’ve already turned off that ridiculous feature whereby all my iDevices, (and my Mac), alert me to phonecalls. I do however want SMS relay. This is a feature I missed when I used a Nokia at work - YEARS ago, the Nokia PC suite let me send texts to anybody. it’s about bloody time that Apple removed this stupid restriction where you could only text Apple devices from your Mac.

    That aside. You tell me what I can’t run. It’s a very short list.

    There is a significant difference between fitting updated hardware to a system and it not having those supporting features, to actively preventing a software package from running through cryptic commands;
    MBA superdrive not running on something that isn’t a MacBook Air. - Enabled through a terminal command.
    Airdrop. - Enabled through a terminal command.
    Handoff. A third party BT module and - Enabled through a terminal command.
    Are but a few.

    There is more.
    Go to /System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist , this document, (amongst others), will tell the Mac hardware whether or not a specific OS will run on it. There are lots of intentional Apple provided stumbling blocks.
    On the Windows side of things I have an old, (cost me 20), 2007 Acer Aspire 1100 running Windows 7 with specs that are below the posted minimum requirements. Why?, you might ask. Well the version of BootCamp that runs on my Mac will only allow XP to install on it. So I installed it on real windows box, took the drive out and put it into one of the bays on my Mac Pro and I option boot into it when I need/want to.
    It now plays games faster and smoother than the Mac versions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bry2k2 View Post
    ALL Android users can install customized roms, your argument is invalid.
    I had use a rom to install KitKat on my Galaxy Tab but I doubt these statistics have picked up on that. But it is still irrelevant. This was a stupid comparison anyway.

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