On Thursday, Apple has named a new App of the Week. Last Week, Fragment - Prismatic Effects was chosen as the App of the Week, but this week's choosing by the Cupertino-based tech giant is JELLIES!

This usually 99 iOS game is currently a free download from the iOS App Store for the next week. In this game, you will help a fisherman obtain his fingers, which have been bitten off by some ferocious jellies. Your goal in the game is to collect as many jellies as you can within 60 seconds. Doing so will help you earn your fingers back.

The game includes global leaderboard support so that you can challenge your friends to beat your score. There are also plenty of achievements that you can try and unlock by moving through the game.

There are three main game modes multi-player, timed, and endless. In timed mode, you will try to catch as many jellies as you can within 60 seconds. In endless mode, you can just catch as many jellies as you want without any time limits. Multi-player mode lets you face off against your friends.

If you want to download JELLIES! while it's free in the iOS App Store, you can head over to the App Store right now via this link to grab it.

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