For those who love Hulu should be happy to know that the latest version of the video-streaming app brought a new design and look to the iPhone. Those who own the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus devices will also be able to use this app now as it has been updated to work on the newly released devices. If you guys are watching videos on the new device you guys should also be excited for the improved and upgraded pixel.

When opening the app, you will come across a hamburger menu and then a quick way of getting to the content you want on the other side of the screen. The new app also has light colors to match current iOS themes. Hulu did not bring its revamped app to the iPad devices- so for all those looking forward to using this newly updated app on the iPad won’t be able to just yet. The official release notes read:

We’ve redesigned the Hulu Plus app for iPhone from the ground up to create a focused and simple experience. Here are the key features:

• Home – Best content of the day on Hulu, handpicked and curated by our expert editorial team
• Shows You Watch – Easy access to all the shows you are currently watching, personalized to your viewing habits
• Navigation – Discover the entire breadth of the Hulu catalogue from TV, Movies, Kids, Latino, British and Hulu Originals
• Player – Brand new player with cleaner controls and a nested menu for rich features like captions, share and cast to TV
• Action Tray – Quick access to search, queue and cast to TV features from anywhere in the app
• Search – Reimagined search with contextually grouped results by category
• Remote control – stream and control your viewing experience on the big screen via Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox1, PS3 and PS4
• Share – Share your favorite videos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, text and email

And there’s more, the new Hulu Plus app is compatible with iOS8 and runs beautifully on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Fasten your seat belts and get ready to enjoy hit new shows from Fall TV, like How to Get Away with Murder, Gotham and Mysteries of Laura with the new Hulu Plus app…all for the love of TV.

Hulu Plus is a free 14.4mb download from the App Store. The app is free to download but users who want to take advantage of the full service will need to pay a monthly subscription price.

Source: iTunes