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Thread: Skeptical of Bendgate? Another iPhone 6 Plus Gets Bend Test, This Time With Witnesses

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    This is such a worthless test. Who just bends their phone in their bare hands? That's not a real world test. When drop tests are done, they're done in real world scenarios (or simulated). This is just a guy bending the phone. Anyone can do that to any phone.

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    Silly. I bought a $5 hard plastic case on eBay before I got mine. With this case no way in hell will it bend.

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    Everybody is talking about this bend test but doesn't realize that apple just made a crappy phone and y'all can't admit it. Everyone is stuck on apples nuts like there not suppose to make bad phones. I personally love apple, but I'm not afraid to admit that the 6+ is crappy. Reason being... If I buy a $600 and it bends easily like that then I want my money back. I haven't heard any mention of the S5 bending 😦. (Just saying) and also these test are done to prove which phone is more durable, effiecent, fast, etc... If the iPhone fails at durability then admit it. Don't bash the person that's proving it you.... Y'all should applaud him for pointing this out and not going out wasting your money. Just because it's apple and they make the best products. I've seen a couple fails from apple software wise and hardware and this 6+ is one of them. So Apple do a recall fix this problem and make phones that last like your previous phones.

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    Give them their 15 minutes of fame. What are the proving? The phone will bend in your hands if your exert enough pressure, as will any of the other phones out there.

    The real question in the beginning was, out of the millions of a iPhones sold, (which you can count on your hands) said they sat down on them and they bent in their pocket. There was no mention of how big the person was, everybody's assuming it's a petite person. But what if it was a plus size person who sat on it?

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    Follow links 10 bad things about the 6+. It's not all what it's cracked or bent up to be!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pogglywoggly View Post
    Consumer reports did official testing and debunked this ultra easy to bend crap. Turns out the smaller 6 is actually able to be bent more easily then the plus. (70lbs vs 90)
    I would hazard a guess that pretty much anybody and everybody who has one of these AND insurance on it will be returning them at some point if its that easy to bend. Maybe when only they get a scratch. I wonder how Apple will like it as millions of these come back in the next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zokunei View Post
    There's no denying that this phone is a lot less durable than its competitors in this respect. I think it will become a bigger issue but I could be wrong.
    This ^

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    Wow, I hope YouTube views earns a lot of money, because this guy has already burned through like $2,500 on the bend tests!

    I think it's funny in the video he's trying to prove there's no funny business going on, but

    1. Who are these guys with him? How do we know he didn't offer then $20 to say what he wants, or are just his friends.
    2. He's trying to prove its a legit phone, but it's already out of the box AND he lowers it out of camera for a few seconds before showing it running and doing the bend test!!

    I didn't question that it was a real iphone 6+ before, but this video act sully made me question it! What a joker!
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    You know, mine is on order - I have to wait to get my iPhone 6 Plus. Waiting. And, here's a guy that has one, and like an idiot, purposely bends it. He doesn't need a new iPhone - he needs new brains. #MindBlown

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeckboneNick View Post
    I am extremely leery about the 6 plus now. You shouldn't be able to bend the thing like that at all. I'm afraid this is going to be a huge problem as time goes on and could affect stock prices if they have to issue a recall or extend warranty care.
    Well if your the kind of idiot that runs around forcing extreme pressure on your phone with your hands for no reason, be concerned. Otherwise you'll probably be fine. DERP!

    If anyone remembers what the phone in the actual reported case looked like, it was barely bent at all! This guy is clearly taking it to the extreme to stir up some YouTube views.

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    Default Skeptical of Bendgate? Another iPhone 6 Plus Gets Bend Test, This Time With W...
    Dudes bending their phones while I'm still waiting for my plus from Apple!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jj2345 View Post
    Dudes bending their phones while I'm still waiting for my plus from Apple!!
    Hahahhaa are u bending urs? Make sure u record it lol lollllllll

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamriman View Post
    Silly. I bought a $5 hard plastic case on eBay before I got mine. With this case no way in hell will it bend.
    I did the same thing but I got a case from Apple😀

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    wondering, how in the hell he got another iphone 6+. i order mine as soon the att site was up and running and i still don't get it, till next mont from 2-13. must be paid by competitors or else. meaning he must pay a good money to get another iphone from black market.

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    God, that thing bends super easy. LOL. Kind of makes me cringe seeing the dude just piss away several hundred dollars by bending it though.

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    Obviously other companies want to gang up on Apple for this, but it is definitely a design fault. They could have made it .2mm thicker or changed the curve of the edge and it would probably not bend. Continuous heat and pressure bends metal. Heat alone warps metal too. This guys application of pressure can amount to the same force as those factors easily. It is a poor design and that is just how it is.

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    I think I see both sides of this here. It's obvious that some slight tweaking would probably resolve this problem, but it would cost Apple some money. However, the media has obviously gone way too far with it IMHO. Personally I don't understand why people don't just put it in a case. Bam, problem solved. Not like cases are really even close to the price you just dished out on a phone.

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