View Poll Results: Is your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus everything that you expected it to be?

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  • Yes, I'm very happy with my purchase!

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  • No, Apple made it seem cooler than it really is.

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  • I haven't even got mine yet!

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Thread: Is Your New iPhone 6/6 Plus Everything You Expected it to Be? [POLL]

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    Default Is Your New iPhone 6/6 Plus Everything You Expected it to Be?

    According to yesterday's poll, some of you lined up to try and purchase a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 or 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus in store lines yesterday, while the majority of you pre-ordered your device online last Friday.

    Although some of you may still be waiting for your handset to come in the mail (myself included), many of you should already have your device in your hand.

    The iPhone 6/6 Plus have a new uni-body design that feels smooth to the touch, a new zippy A8 Apple-branded SoC and runs software faster than any other iPhone in the past, and has a larger display than any other iPhone in the past. The device also includes Touch ID for security, an improved camera, a better M8 motion co-processor, improved gaming graphics, and much more. It also includes the new iOS 8 operating system, which has the most features of any iOS operating system to date, including third-party keyboards, support for third-party widgets, new Metal gaming API, and much more.

    With all of that in mind, we're curious if the iPhone you bought met your expectations from Apple. Right off the bat, we think that the combination of the iPhoen6/6 Plus and iOS 8 might just be one of Apple's most wowing releases to date, but we're curious what you think. If your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus everything that you expected it to be?

    Please cast your vote in the forum section of our Web site. You will not be able to access the poll from the News site or the ModMyi application, so you will need to visit this link to vote. As always, we appreciate your feedback!
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    I upgraded from the 5. I was excited about the Touch ID. And hoping my apps gets touch ID support. It's a bigger screen and I love it. Not too big either. 5.5 was way too much for me. I love the design. It's so much thinner. Again it's one of those devices you have to hold to experience it.

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    I actually like it! I got the 6 and the screen is now just right. Anything bigger like the 6+ is way too big.

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    I upgraded from the 4S to the 6. The phone feels somewhat flimsy to me, although that is solely because of how large the screen is while also being extremely thin and light. I'm sure its as sturdy as previous model, but it will just take a bit of time to get used to.

    With that said, the 4.7" screen felt way too big to me when i first got the phone. I'm slowly getting used to it, but i think 4.7" is just a bit large for my liking (and i have big hands). Still a great phone though.

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    With the bigger screen I see jobs' logic about keeping it small to be able to use with one hand. It's a little awkward in the upper corners on the iPhone 6 (I'm assuming impossible on the 6+) so it's taking a little getting used to but is still manageable. So far I like it very much over the iPhone 5.

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    Yes. The 6 is perfect size for a phone/media device.

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    I won't be getting mine until Thursday so that kinda sucks.

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    Yes I wanted a larger screen for a few years now and the ability to have Swype is big.

    I don't really see what the big thing was wight the Healthkit though.
    I use MyFitness Pro, Jawbone, RunKeeper and Withings, and none seem to intergrade into the Healthkit.

    Haven't found how to get most of the apps to call up the thumbprint security, or is there a area I need to go to to setup the functionally NFC???

    Other then those few things I like the 6 way more then the 5.

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    Aside from the antenna breaks on the back, I love it.

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    I love the 6 it's the perfect size it's just all the devs need to update their apps to make the resolution right and take advantage of the extra screen space.

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    The 6 is just the perfect size. 6plus was just too big.

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    I really like the 6, I ordered one of each and have not got the 6 plus yet. But have a case for the 6 plus and just by holding it to me it seems to big. Anyone else get the 6 plus and feel it's just a little to big? Over all I am finally impressed with a new iPhone release. I purchased the unlocked version and I am pretty sure it will even work on Sprint. I put in the IMEI and it took it but I didn't proceed to activate it so that's also a plus.

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    Got my 6 yesterday, preordered it last Saturday from Apple.

    I upgraded from the 5s, I love it. The phone is just the right size and the bigger screen made the keyboard so much easier for these 60 yr old hands and eyes to use.

    Thumbs up for me!

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    6 Plus is awesome, it takes a little bit to get used to but I had to use my 5s again yesterday while activating my wife's 6. I could never go back to the previous screen size. I was like everyone else at first, 6 plus just seemed huge. Play with it for an hour and you will love it. Landscape mode is a huge plus. Bottom line, either phone is a great alternative to the smaller screens from the 5s and down


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    Everything and more

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    The actual device itself is top notch!

    Software is what needs improvement. Not that it's bad or anything, but there's a few things that need refining.

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    I didn't pre-order, mainly due to the fact that I was not too fond of the new design, and wanted to see it in person before I spend my money. I was lucky enough to be able to walk into my local apple store yesterday and purchasing my i6+ , overlooking the flawed design (IMO) and giving it a chance . After heavy use with it since yesterday, I've come to a conclusion it's not all that different from my i5S. Particularly, I not going to be a big user of the new apple pay, in fact I prefer to carry my physical CCs on me (idk why, just not able to trust the technology quite just yet.) and the incentives are greater for those going from i5 or earlier to this current iPhone, but not from i5S to i6/i6+ (IMO).

    My i5S is still perfect for my personal/professional use, and I will be returning this i6+ on Monday.

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    Like radiologist, I wanted to wait until I was able to have the device in hand before I decided. The day of the pre-order, I decided to play around and see what it would cost and the time frame. Well, When I thought I still had a click or two to go before the order would place, it placed my order. Strange, as I was expecting a final page with my total tallied up to confirm before the purchase went through, but it did anyway. I got an email and a confirmation and noticed the delivery was not until late September/early Ocotober. Well, since I am currently out of state, and paying an additional $20 in sales tax because of it, I decided I better cancel because that delivery time I was going back home for a week. So I cancelled (or thought I had) got an email, clicked the link, confirmed the cancel and got another email. What I didn't realize, and assumed, was that the email said the order was cancelled, when in fact it said it was not cancelled. No reason why. And to make it better, I got no emails when it shipped, but did get an email that it was shipped just hours before it was delivered on launch day. So that was nice. Plus it was in the middle of the night, so I didn't see the email until the next day and when I clicked it, it was already delivered. Well, no the box (unopened) sets here, and I'm itching to open it up, but I have 14 days to return it and not pay a restocking fee if the box is unopened, so I'm trying to see what everyone's thoughts and problems are before I decide to keep it. Just wanted to share all that. Thanks! I'll probably be juggling my sim card between it and my jailbroken 5s until a jailbreak comes out for the iPhone 6/iOS 8. And I sure hope it does sooner than later this time around. That's if I decide to keep it, which I'm sure I will.

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    I love ip6. Just finish installing hdx screenprotector. Tomorrow I'll be putting on the clear case.

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    I got the 6 and it's perfect in size. The 6 plus is a little to large for texting with one hand and that's what I like to do. I'm still trying to get use to extending a little more to reach the corner but if you double tap the home button(not double click) the screen actually lowers itself so you can reach the top easier.

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