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  • It should come to me on release day!

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  • I have to wait 7-10 business days.

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  • I have to wait 2-3 weeks

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  • I have to wait 4 weeks or longer.

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Thread: Many of You Pre-ordered iPhone 6/6 Plus, How Long Do You Have to Wait to Get it? [POLL]

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    I was only going to get the 6 because all the rumors said no 6 plus until 2015.....but I am glad I am getting one. Me personally I think the 5.5 will look just fine in my hAnds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan3636 View Post
    I ordered a 6+ and get it from AT&T in 21-28 days per my email. I'm thinking about selling it when I get it. Does anyone know if I can just sell it without doing anything to take it off my acct? It was an ATT upgrade. Didn't know if it was tied only to my account or if I could just sell it and then someone could call and have it activated on their line once they get it. Any help / advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
    If your phone is contracted with AT&T you can list it on eBay as being AT&T. Then the buyer just inserts their SIM card and then calls ATT to give them the IMEI number. If you paid outright or if the contract runs out you can apply for a release # and the phone will then be unlocked and then can be used with any carrier.

    I hope I helped. :-)


    I would take those estimates too seriously. I've owned every iPhone they've made and I've preordered most including iPads/iPad minis. I've yet to EVER wait until the estimates given. This year I got online finally at 5AM EDT and got an estimate of October 1-6 for delivery. Even all the reps said no way will I get it next week.....well I got tracking numbers that show my 2 iphone 6 plus 128GB gold being delivered via UPS on Thursday the 25th!!! So so wrong they were. Lol. Don't worry you'll have it much sooner than that. :-)

    Wouldn't I meant in that 1st sentence.

    I have ATT. I read that they're taking inventory from their stores to fulfill preorders. Also?its been my experience with both ATT and Apple that the estimates are so grossly set far out because they want to see buyers happy when they get it much earlier and they diligently work to get those preorders out. They take presidence. I've had similar issues as yours and I always got my phone within the 1st week after release.

    Good luck. :-)

    I ordered 2 6 plus 128GB gold at 5AM EST and I had a delivery estimate of October 1-6. It went to "preparing to ship" yesterday and they charged my cc. By this afternoon both had shipped and when I tracked via UPS they show delivery dates of Thursday the 25th. I've preordered and ordered online with Apple many many x and they'll never charge your cc until that item is going out the door. :-)

    That's NOT true!!!!! I've been selling on eBay since 2004 and I've been with ATT since 1997. I've sold TONS of phones linked to my account. It DOES NOT matter. Anyone who uses ATT can just pop in their SIM card & call ATT to give them the IMEI number. If the phone is paid full price or the contract has been satisfied then they'll send you the code to unlock it. ALSO....... almost ALL overseas buyers on eBay can take our phones to their carriers or people who specialize in wireless phones and unlock them to use with whichever carrier they use. Some overseas people will pay good $$$$ for iPhones because they don't have an Apple Store in their country.

    That's what Bluetooth headsets are for!!!

    I just sold my Galaxy S5. It was the single most cumbersome phone to hold I've ever owned. Taking pictures with it was a NIGHTMARE!! Not to mention they have buttons everywhere and all in the wrong places. Every time I'd line up the pic and get it in good focus and light I'd end up hitting a butting and knocking myself out of the camera. I just got my case for my 6 plus, iPhone due this Thursday, and the difference is that ALL the difference in size, that counts the most, is in the height. It's not wide at all. I've messed around with it and it's not cumbersome at all and I have tiny hands. Not to mention the Galaxy is junk. I only had it 2 months and lost $200 selling it when I usually break even or make a profit on my iPhone's because I take great care of them.
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    It's penetrate to the truth of; comprehend; understand: to fathom someone's motives. Phantom is an apparition

    It's penetrate to the truth of; comprehend; understand: to fathom someone's motives. Phantom is an apparition.

    No. No difference. Once an iPhone is unlocked it's good to go with any carrier as long as its done right. Only difference is TMoblie is factory unlocked whereas ATT has to either be unlocked by a professional or unlock fled after contract has been satisfied and then you just apply for a code they'll send you in 72 hours typically and you follow instructions to program it in and it's unlocked. It's super easy.

    Hope that helped.

    I personally love Aoples cases because they fit well. That being said.....I'd ABSOLUTELY implore you to check out Spigen!!!!!!!!! No joke. BEST cases out there especially for iPhone. They already have both new iPhone versions out. They are JUST as good, even better, than Otterbox. Not as cheap and boxy and have shock absorbency in all corners and back. Slim Armor case is thin, sleek, and they come in matching brushed metal colors as the iPhone with a cutout to display the Apple icon. The cutout is lined in black too so it looks more classy. They come with a screen protector and cutouts for the top & bottom of the back of iPhone and fit well. Those screen protectors are THE best I've EVER used. Then they have the Glas Rt tempered glass protectors that are virtually indestructible!!! They're super thin, you can't tell they're there. They don't fingerprint and they clean off anything with just a single wipe. They're a bit costly, but so worth it. Better to crack that than your iPhone. The Tough Armor also has a removable plate so you can buy other colors for $7. They have many other cases, but that one is most popular. Look online and you'll usually find combo deals if you buy both the case and Glas Rt. There's also an online discount code for $7.77 off your 1st order. I'm not sure if they still have it, but most st likely it's there. Just go to and take a look. You'll be IMPRESSED I promise. Even more impressed if you see in person. The cases are super reasonably priced too. The highest level of glass protector, the Glas Rt Slim is around $36 or something though. Worth it, but their cases, especially on Amazon and eBay are cheaper. They have an awesome bumper case too although I use those only briefly because I'm afraid of dropping my phone.

    I hope you check it out. Just sharing my fav. I dint work for them. Lol.

    Check out Spigen cases and tempered glass screen protectors at I PROMISE you they are the BEST out there for the $. Check the reviews on YouTube and you'll see they're saying that they look ve them MUCH more than Otterbox and they're less $. The glass protectors are a bit pricey though.

    YEP!!!! Just like I thought and predicted!! Reps at Apple said there's was NO way I'd get my phone next week. Just got both my tracking numbers by this afternoon and I'll be getting both of my Plus's on Thursday the 25th. That's NEXT week!! This happens every bug preorder. Yes, I usually get my item on release day, but this time was a fluke. I'll be more prepared next time!! Lol.

    I'm sure you got your tracking by now and I'm just sure you'll get yours next week too. :-)

    They're doung both UPS and FedEx. If you're not going to be home and you have a safe place for them to leave it you can pre-sign through Apple, your carrier, or UPS.

    You can go to UPS to pre-sign too. I think they have it all in one place to make delivery arrangements and to even change time and date at UPS My Choice. This link should work. UPS My Choice Service Terms: UPS

    I don't know where you live or what drugs your carrier was on, but ANYTHING that comes from a business or even seller on eBay, which I am, if a package requires a SIGNATURE then they HAVE to have someone over 21, which they don't always check that, SIGN for the package either in person OR with a VALID printed document from either the BUSINESS or the CARRIER with instructions on where to leave the package. OTHERWISE people would be claiming ALL over the world that they never received their almost $1,000 phone and Apple would HAVE to refund or replace and they'd be out of lots of $$$$. Hence the REASON for the signature.....PROOF OF DELIVERY!!!

    Spigen has 6 Plus cases out already. There are a few others too.
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    My op 6 plus has been sitting in Kentucky since the 23rd at 1 am. I thought I might get it a day early. Nope still says tomorrow delivery. If i would of known that. I would if drove the 6 hours and picked it up.

    29 hours and counting siting at UPS in Kentucky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by p!nklover View Post
    Spigen has 6 Plus cases out already. There are a few others too.
    The bumper case is nice but not for $35. It should be cheaper than the Tough case since it's only a bumper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The6uest View Post
    The bumper case is nice but not for $35. It should be cheaper than the Tough case since it's only a bumper.
    Apple pricing... What can you do.... :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewdestinyX View Post
    Apple pricing... What can you do.... :/
    No, thats Spigen pricing! I know the Apple cases are pricey..

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    She arrived right at noon CST

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    Pre-ordered iPhone 6 plus on the 12th.. I'm happy to announce that it will be getting here tomorrow.. It's in route! Estimated date was October 7.. But it's getting here earlier I'm stoked!

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