A recent report from a local Boston publication is claiming that Apple is looking to add new blood to its Siri research team located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As of right now, commercial retailers who are familiar with Apple’s expansion plans are saying that the company is looking to move the Siri division into a 13,000 square foot space in the Kendall Square building’s upper floors.

The larger space would give Apple enough space to hire an additional 65 people which is a major upgrade from the current size of the team. It’s been speculated that the Cupertino California company’s Boston group mainly consists of employees who previously worked at VoiceSignal Technologies which was a firm that was purchased by Nuance back in 2007. Since Siri currently relies on the licensed Nuance speech recognition technology, which happens to be licensed by other companies as well, Apple is rumored to be in the middle of developing its own in-house solution to ultimately replace it.

Although the rumor is farfetched one thing we do know is that Apple’s next-generation Siri virtual assistant will be making its debut alongside iOS 8 at the upcoming media event. The new Siri will have hooks in the new HomeKit framework for voice control of smart home hardware such as appliances, lights and more. We’ll have to wait and see what else is announced and what comes of the rumored claims.

Source: BetaBoston via AppleInsider