Misfit, the fitness tracking firm, recently announced availability of an expanded developer toolkit for third party apps and devices. The toolkit paves the way to interesting partnerships with various companies. Along with the toolkit’s availability, Misfit also announced support for more than 30 partners who have already signed on to integrate the company’s new assets.

The partners section mentions some of the following: Pebble, Coca-Cola Company, Virgin Pulse, Walgreens, WeFitter and many others. For a full list of the partnerships, you can check out the company’s Partner page.

The recent launch was broken down into three major parts which include the following: the Misfit Cloud API, the Misfit Device SDK and the Misfit Scientific Library. The tools work together to deliver a comprehensive interconnected wearables and wellness tracking environment according to the company.

The Cloud API lets developers build in-app based user access to data stored offsite. This creates a centralized storage hub for information that is gathered by all of the supported devices and apps. The Device SDK allows direct connection and sync capability with the Misfit hardware, which has also been expanded. Last but not least, the Misfit Scientific Library allows third-party firms to access the proprietary sensor algorithms and analytics.

The company seems to have made the announcement just a few days before Apple is likely to unveil its own wearable-connected iOS framework, HealthKit. The framework was originally announced at WWDC in June and will be launching alongside iOS 8. Partnerships haven’t been announced but we’ll likely find out more next week at September 9th’s media event.

If you’re a developer and you’re interested in the Misfit toolkit, hit the source link to see how to get started.

Source: Misfit (Build) (Partners) via AppleInsider