Starbucks in 2014, started offering the digital Pick of the Week promotion via its own Starbucks app. Recently, for the first time, the Starbucks app has offered in-app purchases through the App Store. This time, one free month of Lumosity Premium service was offered for the iPhone and iPod Touch. For those who would like to download the app, would have to do so from the official Starbucks app. Lumosity is an app that trains memory and attention and helps challenge your brain. It is based on neuropsychological and cognitive tasks and designed by neuroscientists.

For $15, users will get more than 40 games online including daily exercises, performance tracking, and comparison with others similar in age as you. Lumosity has received many awards from top institutions and publications including Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, The Guardian, and more. Currently, the app has approximately 50 millions users and with the promotion by Starbucks, it’s anticipating even more. The promotion is available until November 18th and can be downloaded via the Starbucks app on the iPhone and iPod Touch. All premium features will be unlocked once activated.

Source: Starbucks