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Thread: Five Great Jailbreak Tweaks for Improving Your iOS 7 Social Networking Experience

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    Default Five Great Jailbreak Tweaks for Improving Your iOS 7 Social Networking Experience

    Your iOS devices do more than carry an operating system – you have access to a limitless App Store with all kinds of third party applications to extend the functionality of your smartphone. One of the most popular categories of applications out there are social networking applications. In this post, we will show you five useful jailbreak tweaks for improving the experience of popular social networking applications in iOS 7, so if you like social networking and messaging, then you'll want to read on!

    Just a quick note before we get started; these tweaks are all compatible with the Pangu version 1.2.1 jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x, and will work with earlier iOS 7 jailbreaks, such as evasi0n7, as well.

    1. bluePill – $1.99

    One of the most popular social networking and messaging applications for iOS is Facebook/Facebook Messenger. It's a way to keep in touch with all of your friends and family on the Internet and keep track of their lives on a daily basis as they post new pictures and status updates. iOS developer Suhaib Alfaqeeh turned some heads when he released a new jailbreak tweak called bluePill that basically lets you control almost any aspect of the Facebook and Facebook Messenger applications. Some of the features include:

    • Enable or disable the VoIP (voice over IP) feature
    • Enable or disable an experimental graph search feature
    • Un-restrict yourself from sending only 6 photos/videos at a time
    • Enable or disable the hidden employee settings in the application
    • Enable or disable a full-screen mode for taking advantage of all of the display's canvas
    • Enable or disable read receipts so you can stealthily read someone's messages unnoticed
    • Enable or disable the typing indicator so you can stealthily start typing unnoticed
    • Hide or show the tab labels on the top bar for a cleaner look
    • Enable or disable auto-playing videos in your news feed
    • Toggle automatic HD (high detail) videos in your news feed
    • And much more!

    There are also a number of things that the tweak will let you do with the Facebook Messenger application. To learn more about what bluePill can do in-depth, you can read our full review of the tweak at this link.

    2. Vibrator Pro – 99

    For those Viber users out there, a great tweak to get you guys where you want to be is Vibrator Pro by iOS developers Elias and F0u4d. This tweak lifts numerous limitations and adds new features to the popular Viber phone and messaging application for iOS. Vibrator Pro can give you the upper hand by empowering you with all of the following features for Viber that regular users don't have:

    • Disabling read receipts
    • Unlimiting the online status toggle
    • Unlimiting the attachments you can send
    • Locking the Viber application with a password
    • Locking the Vibrator Pro preferences pane with a password
    • Confirming a call before it goes through
    • Slimming the navigation bar
    • Hiding badges in the application
    • Disabling location in the application
    • Disabling in-application sound and/or vibration
    • Darkening the keyboard (blue keyboard also available)
    • Integrating with Flipswitch
    • Disabling device rotation
    • Enabling full-screen mode

    For more detailed information about how the tweak works and ow to take advantage of the new features found in Vibrator Pro, you can read our full review of the tweak at this link.

    3. Phantom for Snapchat – FREE

    Another popular application for keeping in touch with friends is Snapchat – a picture messaging application that lets you send and receive photos from people with a catch – you can only see them for so long before they disappear. To unlock more features in the Snapchat application and give yourself more rights than the general Snapchat population, you might consider using a free jailbreak tweak add-on called Phantom for Snapchat by iOS developer CokePokes. This tweak allows you to do things that you would normally not be allowed to do thanks to Snapchat's native restrictions. Features of the tweak include:

    • Keeping snaps in your feed
    • Ability to disable the hold gesture for keeping incoming Snapchats open
    • Automatically save sent media
    • Enable "Open In" menu in Snapchat
    • Select multiple Snapchat contacts at once
    • Save received media to your Camera Roll or another album
    • Crop image feature
    • Override video orientation
    • Type unlimited captions
    • Change font, size, and color
    • Change caption background image and color
    • Set a custom notification sound
    • Hide Status Bar notifications
    • Hide badge counts

    It's worth noting that the tweak can be easily toggled on or off and that many of the features are found right inside of the Snapchat application itself. It's worth checking out Phantom for Snapchat if you're an avid Snapchatter!

    4. MessageEnhancer – FREE

    It's hard to forget one of the most important applications that comes pre-installed on our iOS 7 devices that helps us keep in touch with our friends, business partners, and loved ones. Messages, the application we use to SMS and iMessage people, can also do with some tweaking. A free jailbreak tweak called MessangeEnhancer by iOS developer BrandDev does a nice job of letting you configure the features of your Messages application in terms of appearance and functionality. Some of the things you can do with MessageEnhancer include:

    • Enable full-screen mode
    • Enable a dark keyboard
    • Enable contact photos in the messages list
    • Enable contact photos in the conversation
    • Enable a smaller messages list
    • Enable wide message bubbles
    • Enable auto-compose
    • Enable blue SMS bubbles
    • Disable the return key
    • Disable the "load earlier messages" button
    • Enable a bigger text field
    • Enable older messages at the top
    • Hiding various items from the Messages application

    For more detailed information about how MessageEnhancer works and how it may be of use to you, you can read our full review on the tweak at this link.

    5. Social Enhancer – FREE

    If you use a lot of different social networking applications, and want something that will give you a little more flexibility in all of your social networking applications instead of just one of them, then maybe you'd like to try out a nice all-in-one tweak called Social Enhancer by iOS developer Alltim3h4ckers. Social Enhancer can bring new features to your Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Paper, Telegram, Messages, and Viber applications. The tweak will allow you to remove media sending limits from the aforementioned applications, as well as remove attachment limits from the free Gmail and Yahoo! mail applications from the App Store. It doesn't stop there; the tweak also gives you the following features too:

    • Sending unlimited thumbs-up in Facebook Messenger
    • Sending long videos in Facebook
    • Sending unlimited photos from the Photos application
    • Sending unlimited attachments from the Mail application
    • Sending unlimited pings in BBM

    Since this is an all-in-one tweak, it may fit some of your needs better, but the other tweaks that are focused more on individual applications may have some deeper functionality gains. You can read our full review on Social Enhancer at this link.

    All of these tweaks have been tested to make sure that they're compatible with the latest Pangu 1.1.0 jailbreak; they may not all be compatible with one another.

    If you're looking for additional new jailbreak tweaks to run on your Pangu jailbreak, then check out our recent Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week post, as well as our 5 Great Free and 5 Great Paid Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible With the Pangu Jailbreak post.

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    Stay tuned for more of the best jailbreak tweak coverage on the Web, only at!
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    Social enhancer and blue pill is sick!

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