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Thread: Five WinterBoard Themes for iOS 7 That Are Worth Checking Out August 24th Edition [Video]

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    Default Five WinterBoard Themes for iOS 7 That Are Worth Checking Out August 24th Edition

    If you feel like it's time to spice up your iOS 7 device with a new theme, then we've got a few neat new themes to show you. On August 17th, we showed you five cool WinterBoard themes to check out, and we're always looking for more awesome themes to show you!

    For now, here are five more awesome WinterBoard themes that are worth checking out for your iOS 7 device. These aren't in any specific order, but they're all worthy of recognition. Check them out!

    1. Luminous $2.99

    First on our list this week is Luminous by iHaz3. Luminous is a very smooth flowing theme for your iOS 7 device that gives your icons very sleek and rounded three-dimensional icons. The colors alone are enough to bring out the fun on your Home Screen you'll find that the theme includes more than 150 application icons that have been custom mad for your viewing pleasure. Luminous also comes with tons of goodies, including:

    • Settings icons
    • Status Bar theme
    • biteSMS theme
    • ClassicDock themes
    • ClassicBadges themes
    • iWidgets
    • Zeppelin themes
    • GroovyLock widgets
    • Loading screens
    • Iconoclasm layouts
    • IconOmatic shadows
    • Lock Screen themes
    • ColorKeyboard themes
    • 14 all-new wallpapers
    • And more!

    With all that the theme comes with, it's well worth your $2.99, so check it out!

    2. X-CLASS $2.99

    Another theme that we think is worth checking out is one called X-CLASS by Blue. X-CLASS gives your iOS 7 device a complete makeover with some really jaw-droppingly gorgeous application icons and tons of add-ons that any modder is going to appreciate. The theme includes more than 90 custom-made application icons, and a ton of additional features that heavy-duty iOS modders will enjoy, including the following:

    • iWidgets
    • IconOmatic icon designs
    • Status Bar themes
    • Boot logo
    • Loading wheels
    • Voice sounds theme
    • JellyLock7 theme
    • Zeppelin theme
    • Lock Screen theme
    • New parallax wallpapers
    • New dynamic wallpaper
    • ClassicDock theme
    • Support for Iconoclasm, LockHTML3, and SBHTML
    • And more!

    Like Luminous, X-CLASS has a lot to it and is worth checking out, so go take a look!

    3. Sumwaz $3.00

    Yet another really cool theme that we'll be taking a look at this week is called Sumwaz by Svink. Sumwaz is a very aesthetically beautiful theme for your iOS 7 device that brings you more than 170 new application icons. The theme features a very dark appearance with good use of colors in each of the application icons. Both an iPhone/iPod touch and iPad version of the theme are available as separate packages in Cydia. Like the others, Sumwaz is not just a Home Screen application icon theme it includes much more, such as:

    • UI themes for App Store, Cydia, Timer, Phone, and more
    • Status Bar theme
    • Complete Calculator theme
    • Control Center theme
    • Phone dialer theme
    • Lock Screen keypad theme
    • IconOmatic themes
    • Lock Screen theme with shake gesture
    • iWidgets
    • JellyLock7 theme
    • biteSMS themes
    • ClassicDock themes
    • 15 brand-new wallpapers
    • And more!

    Be sure to check Sumwaz out!

    4. Simplex $1.50

    If your wallet is a little too slim for some of the aforementioned themes, then you may want to check out Simplex by Stephen Jung. Simplex is a very dark theme with a very square look to it. It brings your application icons into a futuristic and semi-flat state. The theme includes more than 100 themed application icons, but just because it's a little cheaper doesn't mean it lacks features; the theme gives you all the following in addition to the new application icons:

    • IconOmatic theme
    • ClassicDock themes
    • Calculator interface theme
    • Clock interface theme
    • Settings icons
    • iWidgets
    • Control Center theme
    • Phone keypad theme
    • Messages theme
    • And more!

    Simplex will be great for those of you that like the darker style themes, so check it out!

    5. Lasso for iOS 7 $2.99

    Last, but definitely not least on our themes list this week, is Lasso for iOS 7 by minhtrimatrix. Lasso for iOS 7 is an aesthetically-pleasing iOS 7 theme that makes great use of brighter and darker colors and rounded-looking application icons to give you a different look and feel on your SpringBoard and more. The theme comes with more than 100 themed application icons, and not only that, but also a lot of other additions that you can definitely get excited about, including:

    • 13 new wallpapers
    • Status Bar theme
    • Settings icons
    • PhonePad theme
    • Zeppelin theme
    • Bytafont 2 fonts
    • IconOmatic themes
    • And more!

    Both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions of this theme are available, so if you're interested, be sure to check it out!

    All of these themes do require WinterBoard, which is a free download from Cydia if you don't already have it. You will need to enable each of these themes from WinterBoard and then respring your device for them to take effect.

    These themes have all been tested to work on the Pangu 1.1.0 jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x.

    If you've got a theme you want us to check out, please keep the suggestions coming in the comments the feedback is much appreciated! If you're a theme developer, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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