Want to spice up your iOS 7 Status Bar a little bit? Check out a new free jailbreak tweak called BlurryBar by iOS developer PoomSmart.

BlurryBar uses the colors of your iOS 7 Home Screen and Lock Screen wallpaper to colorize your Status Bar, as shown above. It uses the colors by taking advantage of the native iOS 7 blur effect, which means it takes any colors that are behind it and uses it for the color scheme. This is the same blur effect that iOS 7 users get in SpotLight, the Dock, and even in Folders.

BlurryBar also adds a preferences pane to the Settings application where you can configure the blur style that you want to use:

From here, you can enable or disable the tweak on demand, as well as choose between any of the following blur effects:

  • Transparent
  • Milk glass opaque
  • Milk glass bit less opaque
  • Milk glass less opaque
  • Milk glass bit clear
  • Milk glass clearer
  • Milk glass clear
  • Dark milk glass opaque
  • Dark milk glass bit less opage
  • Dark milk glass mosy blurry
  • Dark milk glass in between
  • Dark milk glass clearer

The developer notes that his blur methods are theoretically even faster than iOS 7's blur styles, which will help you with performance (although mostly unnoticeable). BlurryBar is also an open source project, so if you're interested in learning about what makes the tweak tick, you can head over to GitHub and check out the tweak's source code.

If you want to give BlurryBar a try, it's available for free right now in Cydia's BigBoss repository. iOS 7 is required for the installation.

Name: BlurryBar
Price: FREE
Version: 1.1-1
Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.1.2
Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.2
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: PoomSmart
Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5