The last update for iPhone’s Google Play Music was over a month ago, but recently, they released a new update with more features and fixed issues. The updated version was released earlier today and brings many improvements. Users who use utilize the app will see that there are not only new functions added to the app, but music from the library can also be removed using Google Play Music. According to release notes, here’s what’s new to version of Google Play Music:

What's New in Version
- You can now remove from your library
- Thumbs up playlist sorted in reverse chronological order
- Navigate to your music from the Manage Downloads space
- Improved library management with fewer duplicates
- Improved playback to address skipping issues
- More accessibility features
<3 Google Play Music Team

The new version fixes bug issues that users experienced with track playback skipping as well as the music library replicating more than one listing. The notes also state that there are more accessibility features which we’re sure daily users will love and appreciate. Google Play Music is a 5.1MB free download from Apple's App Store.

Source: iTunes