As Apple gears up to unveil its next-gen iPhone 6 early next month, new reports are surfacing that suggest nations around the world are making preparations to accommodate the new smartphone upon its international launch.

We're told Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has provided the green light for the refreshed handset to debut in Thailand upon the device's formal introduction.

Thailand is presumably on the list of countries to be among the first to carry the refreshed models.

Interestingly, local media reports note, regulators in Thailand have approved two new models, which corroborates claims that Apple will offer the iPhone 6 in two new sizes.

Although no pricing data or launch information was made public by the regulator's secretary general, we do know that Apple sought approval as recently as August 5th, with permission coming from Thailand officials just three days later.

Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 6 at a September 9th media event.

Source: Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (via AppleInsider)