On Wednesday, Yahoo! updated its Yahoo! Mail e-mail client application for the iOS platform. You can now download version 3.2.0 of the application from the iOS App Store starting today.

The 3.2.0 update makes it so that users can enjoy a wide variety of filtering options for their inbox, making it even easier to find the e-mails that you really want to read, or looking for older e-mails that you need to find. Yahoo! notes that you can filter by e-mail content, photo attachments, file attachments, or even by sender's name.

In addition, the update brings with it a variety of different bug fixes and improvements to enhance the user experience on all iOS devices.

Existing users of the Yahoo! Mail application will find this update readily available to them under the Updates tab in the App Store application. Alternatively, the latest version of the Yahoo! Mail e-mail client application is available for free in the iOS App Store via this link.

Sources: App Store