Just a little under a week ago, a new jailbreak tweak was released called EqualizerEverywhere that brought a system-wide equalizer to every application you can run in iOS, and it would seem that the popular Spotify music-streaming service has been listening and finally came to the conclusion that people would really like to have this feature stock.

On Tuesday, Spotify updated its iOS application with a built-in equalizer of its own, as shown above. Upon updating the application and launching it for the first time after the update, the application notifies the user of the new feature, which can be found under the application's settings menu under the "Playback" option. The equalizer lets the user enable or disable it on demand, as well as pick from various presets or manage the equalizer manually.

In addition, the update improves on the iPad version of the application with a redesigned Artist page that includes more information about the artist and includes latest release information as well as new merchandise from the artist. The discover tab has been moved to the iPhone's "Browse" tab for better organization.

Existing users can grab this great update for the application from the Updates tab in the App Store application. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Spotify for free from this App Store link.

Sources: App Store