On Wednesday, the popular social network Facebook released an update for its standalone Facebook Messenger application on the iOS platform bringing the messenger application up to version 8.0.

The update gives the application the ability to automatically detect your text size settings from your Settings application, which are set from Settings > General > Text Size in order to make the application more accessible to those harder at seeing. If you're using a smaller font than usual, the application will also display the smaller font setting.

Other fixes and improvements to help make the application more stable and reliable while messaging your Facebook friends have also been implemented for your own using pleasure.

Facebook Messenger was just recently released on the iPad, making it a universal application it has been available on the iPhone and iPod touch since its launch. Facebook soon hopes to force Facebook users to use the standalone Facebook Messenger application by removing this functionality from the all-in-one application some time in the future.

If you're an existing user of Facebook Messenger for iOS, then you can go ahead and download the latest version of Facebook Messenger for free from the Updates tab in the App Store application. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Facebook Messenger for free from this App Store link.

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