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Thread: Five Great Jailbreak Tweaks for Improving Your iOS 7 Texting Experience

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    Default Five Great Jailbreak Tweaks for Improving Your iOS 7 Texting Experience

    If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, then you might use your Messages application quite a bit. The fact of the matter is, text messaging is one of humanity's favorite parts of owning a smartphone. In our case, we can text message and iMessage, for double the fun. In this post, we will be showing you five amazing jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7 that can improve your texting experience, whether you're using text message or iMessage as your preferred mode of communication.

    Just a quick note before we get started; these tweaks are all compatible with the Pangu version 1.1.0 jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x, and will work with earlier iOS 7 jailbreaks, such as evasi0n7, as well.

    1. auki – $3.99

    Auki is an amazing quick reply and quick composition messaging add-on for iOS 7. It takes the aesthetics you would expect from iOS 7, as well as some well-thought-out implementation, and makes it a breeze to easily reply to and/or compose new messages. It is compatible with both text messages and iMessages, and supports light and dark themes depending on the day. You can also mute specific individuals so that their texts don't annoy you, and when you do this, they won't even see when you've read their messages – it's perfect for the most annoying person on your contacts list! If you're a messaging geek, auki is a must-have for your needs, so check it out!

    2. TypeStatus – FREE

    TypeStatus is an awesome free jailbreak tweak that alerts you whenever someone with iMessage is typing to you. The tweak will put an icon and a "Typing: "insert name here"" in your Status Bar to tell you who is messaging you, and this will give you an idea of when you can expect to receive a message. You can configure how long the alert appears in your Status Bar, and you can configure the display animation as well. It'll appear anywhere, whether you're on the Home Screen, or in another application, so you can feel free to leave the Messages application and you can still be alerted of when people are typing to you. Since this is an iMessage-only feature, TypeStatus does not alert you when people are typing SMS messages to you, so this is something to keep in mind.

    3. AttachmentManager – 99

    AttachmentManager is a handy jailbreak tweak for those text-a-holics out there that are always sending MMS or iMessage attachments such as voice, video, or pictures. These files get stored locally on your device, and over time, they will take up a lot of space. Rather than deleting your entire conversation with someone to free up this space, AttachmentManager provides you with easy options to only remove the media from your device and not the messages. You can also opt to compress the media rather than delete it. You can delete all of the media you've ever sent or received, or you can manage it all individually. It adds a new button to the Messages application to make the user interface feel as out-of-the-box as possible. This is a great tweak for freeing up storage space on your iOS device, so we can certainly recommend it to all users that send or receive a lot of media using their Messages application frequently.

    4. SMS Stats 2 – FREE

    When it comes to keeping track of all the messages you send or receive, you can never go wrong with a free jailbreak tweak called SMS Stats 2. This tweak keeps a running total of all the messages you've sent or received so that you know how much you're using your Messages application. It also helps with making sure that your carriers aren't over-charging you for messaging. You can filter your statistics between forever and the last 28 days, and it can even differentiate between SMS messages and iMessages. Because the tweak adds a button to the Messages application and is neatly built into the Messages application interface, it feels professionally designed and doesn't feel out of place whatsoever. It's definitely worth taking a look at!

    5. Messages Customiser – FREE

    Messages Customiser is another awesome jailbreak tweak that Messages application users need to check out. This jailbreak tweak lets you customize the colors of your Messages application, including the incoming and outgoing message bubbles for SMS/iMessage, the tint of the Messages application background, and much more. This tweak will appeal to those that like adding a touch of personalization and color to their devices so that they don't look the same as everybody else's. Not to mention, it's free, so you kill two birds with one stone!

    All of these tweaks have been tested to make sure that they're not only compatible with the latest Pangu 1.1.0 jailbreak, but also to make sure that they're compatible with one another. You can install all five of these tweaks together and not have any issues using them unless you have another tweak installed on your device causing a conflict!

    If you're looking for additional new jailbreak tweaks to run on your Pangu jailbreak, then check out our recent Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week post, as well as our 5 Great Free and 5 Great Paid Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible With the Pangu Jailbreak post.

    Stay tuned for more of the best jailbreak tweak coverage on the Web, only at!

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    Nice,but i prefer biteSms

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    Not a bad set of stuff you have there.
    Im going to have to look into that attachment one.

    Just read that its in the messages app. I wonder if Bite will be or is supported.

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    Messages+,Bitesms are all better than auki.Especially Bite

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    Tweaks of the Week post, as well as our [url=]5 Great Free and 5 Great Paid Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible With the Pangu Jailbreak post.

    Clicking the link in this post inside the modmyi app sends me to a random topic about photo locations.

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