If you’ve ever used any form of Google voice recognition, at one point or another, you have probably been frustrated that the voice could not understand what you were trying to say. Fret not because a new quick command fix has been noted to resolve this frustrating issue with misheard words. The Google Search app features a natural corrective voice command and users no longer have to start the demand over completely when faced with the problem. Users can now say command “no I said” in a new search, and it will substitute the misheard word with the one you wanted.

This is a great update because we no longer have to get frustrated with the voice assistant and the interactions are a lot more natural. Every time there’s an update for Apple’s Siri or Google Now, it seem as if the virtual helpers become more human like and natural. This is always great news because then they become more usable. The new feature in the Google Search App is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Source: iTunes