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Thread: Survey Results Show 14% of Watch-Wearers Interested in $350 Apple "iWatch"

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    Default Survey Results Show 14% of Watch-Wearers Interested in $350 Apple "iWatch"

    The investment firm, Piper Jaffray recently published the results of a new fashion-focused survey, in which respondents were asked about a rumored Apple “iWatch,” with interest in such a device found to vary wildly based on price. The first-ever “Piper Jaffray Watch & Wearables survey” polled nearly 100 individuals with an average age of 32 years old and household income of $130,000. The survey was skewed with mostly female participants (61%), while almost all respondents were from North America.

    Although the poll was mostly about fashion and jewelry, it did touch in several rumors of an Apple “iWatch” in an attempt to gauge consumer interest. The poll found that 14% of consumers would buy an “iWatch” priced at $350. Among the 86% who said they wouldn’t buy, Piper Jaffray polled them on pricing and found that users would be far more interested at a price below $200. However, 41% of respondents said they wouldn’t be interested in an “iWatch” regardless of the price.

    Users interest at the $350 price point does fall in line with a survey of general consumers conducted by Piper Jaffray last October, in which 12% of respondents said they would buy at that price. An April poll of teenagers found that 17% said they would be interested in an “iWatch” at $350. Piper Jaffray also found that 18% of respondents owned a fitness band, with Fitbit being the most popular brand. Another 13% of respondents said they plan to purchase a fitness band in the next year. Only 32% of those polled would consider wearing a fitness band and watch at the same time.

    When it came to traditional watch owners, the most popular brand for men was Timex, while women preferred Fossil/Michael Kors, with both taking the respective crowns among preferred brands and next intended purchases for their genders. As far as Apple’s iWatch goes, the company is said to be planning a media event for this October where it’s expected to introduce the company’s first wearable device. The “iWatch” is believed to offer fitness and health tracking, and will accordingly tap into the new HealthKit tools for developers that Apple will include in the forthcoming iOS 8 mobile operating system.

    We’ll have to see what Apple does with the much-anticipated “iWatch.”

    Source: Piper Jaffray via AppleInsider

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    I'd like the idea of a GPS running functionality thrown in. Otherwise, with a Garmin FR 620 and a Nike Fuelband, I personally see no real need for it.

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    I'm wondering how many of the "not interested (at all)" group was actually iPhone users.

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    What is it going to offer that the competition at this time does not? How do you justify $350 when the competition hovers around 2-$250? I'm thinking because it will have an Apple logo the price should be higher than the rest. Sadly, many will buy it for that reason alone. I don't wear a watch and what i've seen so far does not interest me in starting.

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    $350? Was not planning on spending that much... I've really never been a watch person, the Pebble was cool but i got tired of wearing it.

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    I don't wear a watch, but I've gotten heavy into nutrition and fitness over the last year. So I'm all over this if it has all the features I want plus the ability to interface with my iPhone for text alerts, etc. I'm on call with with my job and it's nice to have wrist alerts rather than having to look at the phone every time.

    And if it looks like the pic, I'd though down $350. If it looks like some of the other goofier models, maybe not.

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    As I said in an earlier posting, I won't buy an iWatch unless it's priced at 199 or less. And I LOVE apple products.

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    Ummm $350!!!..LMAO!!!!!

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    Spend extra £ and buy a proper designer watch. Got my 1st tag heuer as a present. Yes it's only a watch and doesn't vibrate / show me who's calling / show SMS etc but that's what my phone does!! My watch tells time!!!!

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    "The first-ever “Piper Jaffray Watch & Wearables survey” polled nearly 100 individuals with an average age of 32 years old and household income of $130,000."

    Seems like a discriminative survey to me, only 100 people average 32 yrs old and makes 130K household income? Sounds like a BS survey to me. Ask everyone in all income, ages, and sex ranges? See what you get then?

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    $350 if it look like an analog watch like this one in the picture, NO WAY...

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