The highly popular Infinity Blade II game for iOS by Chair Entertainment, sequel to the popular Infinity Blade game for iOS, has been dubbed the App of the Week by Apple this week; therefore, it's free in the App Store for the next 7 days. The game is usually $6.99 when not on sale.

The naming of Infinity Blade II as the App of the Week comes just a few days after the release of the major Blade Masters update for Infinity Blade III, which went on sale for $2.99 from the usual $6.99 price tag. Currently, Infinity Blade III is still on sale at the same time that Infinity Blade II is free as the App of the Week.

In case you've never played any of the Infinity Blade games before, it's a game where the player explores a highly detailed and graphical land, battling monsters along the way, and upgrading their weapons, armor, and skills. Players can collect money and rewards as they advance through the level to upgrade these items.

The Infinity Blade series is known for its high-quality graphics, but also for its somewhat repetitive gameplay. It does make a good time-killer, however.

If you would like to grab Infinity Blade II while it's free in the App Store, you can follow this App Store link.

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