Billionaire investor and philanthropist Carl Icahn can't get enough of a good thing. And that "good thing" to Icahn is more of Apple.

On Thursday, Icahn confirmed via regulatory filing that he has effectively upped his stake in AAPL. According to the Wall Street Journal, Icahn raised his holdings in Apple by 2.8 million shares.

Remaining a die-hard Apple bull, Icahn is now sitting on some 7.5 million shares of Apple, making him one of the company's biggest investors.

Speculation has been rampant since February, when Apple confirmed its $14 billion repurchase of AAPL shares in a move that underscores the company's faith in its long-term prospects, that Icahn would likely follow suit and similarly ramp up his bet on the iDevice maker.

At the time, Mr. Icahn said he agreed completely with Apple’s plans to boost its buyback plan and said he is “extremely pleased” with the company’s quarterly results. He also said the stock “remains meaningfully undervalued” and that “many analysts fail to understand the company.”
As of the most recent data available, Icahn also upped his stake in eBay last month while reducing his position in Netflix.

Source: WSJ