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Thread: Flappy Bird Game for iOS to Return in August With Multiplayer, Will Be Less Addictive

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    Default Flappy Bird Game for iOS to Return in August With Multiplayer, Will Be Less Addictive

    It was a sad day for many when iOS developer Dong Nguyen pulled his insanely addictive and popular Flappy Bird indie game from the iOS App Store. Many were upset with the developer's decision to pull the application, and it even led to insane price tags for used iPhones on eBay with the Flappy Bird game installed on them.

    For those unfamiliar with the game, the basic concept was that you would tap the screen to flap the bird's wings, and you'd flap to avoid the pipes that would cause you lose the game should you accidentally fly into one.

    Fortunately, for those that miss the game, CNBC reports that Nguyen is ready to re-release Flappy Bird again in August of this year with new features, including multi-player. In addition, the game will reportedly be "less addicting," although the report doesn't go into details about how or why the game will be less addicting.

    We have known since March that the developer was considering bringing the game back to the App Store, but this is the first official announcement from the developer.

    It should be interesting to see what the multi-player brings to the plate, and most importantly, how the developer plans to make the game less addicting for players. It would seem that this could involve adjusting the difficulty, or placing limits on play times, but this is not confirmed.

    Sources: CNBC

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    Less addicting?


    I do appreciate the awareness of the potential issue, but this really seems like he's shooting himself in the foot on purpose. He achieves the elusive goal of a simple, yet irresistible game that so many other devs try to achieve and fail- and this is how he treats that success?

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    it never was addictive, unless your weak minded then you can be forgiven

    Edit: you shouldn't insult the game industry by calling it a game. Tedium is what it is
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    I never did find it addicting (I've never even played it), I've only seen the people around me playing it. But it's very much a proper touchscreen, simple, addicting game. It's simple enough for anyone to instantly pick up, but it's designed in a way that makes every death seem like the player's fault, and the fact that getting a higher score is just 2 seconds away...this combined with the competitive nature of most players, is what made this (unassuming) game stand out.

    This is in fact what most mobile games these days aim for. Few manage to infuriate people as much as this one does, yet keep them coming back for more. Ask any mobile game dev and this is what they're aiming for. Free+addicting+ads=$€ŁĄ

    on a side note, as much as I understand your disdain for this game, it's still a game by definition- an interactive experience set in a fictional world, designed in a way to keep the player hooked. It's just the bare minimum.

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    I'm just really interested to see what will make it "less addictive."

    I still have the original copy on my iPhone.

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    I don't understand why he removed it to begin with. It was a popular game and he didn't like the popularity so he removed it? Doesn't make sense.

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