The highly popular Shazam music-tagging service has updated both its paid Shazam Encore application and its free Shazam application for iOS, bringing the applications both up to version 7.5.0.

The update gives the applications various improvements across the board. These include a number of user interface improvements, such as a new design for the track page, a new design for media reviews, artist bios, and now song lyrics that company notes will scroll along with your music.

In addition, Shazam's auto-tagging feature that was introduced in December of last year has been given some efficiency improvements so that it won't have as much of a noticeable impact on your battery life when it's running in the background.

The update also gives Rdio users an easy way to add Shazam'ed tracks to your Rdio playlists if you use the Rdio music service, you can now connect with Facebook to see what your friends are tagging with Shazam, and you can better control your news and notifications from within the application.

Existing users of either the Shazam or Shazam Encore applications for iOS will find the update for the application(s) under the Updates tab in the App Store application. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Shazam for free from this App Store link, or you can download the latest version of Shazam Encore for $6.99 from this App Store link.

Sources: App Store