A brand spankin' new curated news app from The New York Times called "NYT Now" is coming to Apple's iPhone next week. Launching April 2nd for $8 per month, the app in question is the venerable publishing giant's latest attempt to monetize its content within the iOS ecosystem, a platform from which a large segment of the U.S. population now procures its daily news.

An iPhone-only application, this subscription-based product is ultimately more than just a miniature, scaled-down version of the newspaper's daily output. We're told that the Times is "reassigning nearly a dozen editors to Now full time to curate internal content as well as articles from third-party news orgs."

Among the third party news organizations is Engadget, which Engadget confirmed today after the app was formally announced. Of course, if you don't want to pay the $8 per month, the app is still free and serves up free access to headlines and summaries of 10 articles each month.

If, however, you'll willing to cough up the monthly fee, you'll have unfettered access to all the news and information distributed through the app.

Source: Engadget