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Thread: New iPhone Concept Shows How Apple May Improve Upon its C Lineup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayvidpriddy View Post
    Not everyone needs to be walking around with a phone that is a day old
    The iPhone 5s/5c were released on the same day, making your comment invalid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayvidpriddy View Post
    I'm kinda getting tired of people trashing the 5C, I have it and it's the most well built, "plastic" phone I've ever put my hands on! I bought it because I liked the look of the color with the black front (in my case I got the white version) and also, I think the design of the 5S (the backing) is extremely ugly with it's two tone color scheme going on...just like the 5's very "not Apple like" and I'm not the only one who thinks this.

    So you say the 5C is cheap and old technology? So are you also suggesting that everyone with a iPhone 5 dump their phones because it's a year old? Not everyone needs to be walking around with a phone that is a day old, you guys aren't as important as your big egos make you believe yourselves to be.
    Its just the 5 phone, no one said it was cheap. Its not cheap, its very expensive. Apple when they release a new product, then drop the cost of the previous models. So for example, when the iphone 4 came out you could still buy a 3S, but Apple dropped the price. When the iphone 5 came out Apple dropped the price of the 4s and of the 4. But what happened is sales rose dramtically not for the 5, but for the 4. Folks that aspired to buy Apple, couldn't as maybe just too expensive. So when the 5 came out, folks that aspired to the iphone, but couldnt justify the price, went and bought the 4 as the price was so good, and the 4 was still a great phone.

    So when the 5S came out , Apple got greedy. Apple should have dropped the price of the 5. But they didn't. They looked at what happened to the 4 when the iphone 5 came out. Got worried that all that would happen is the 5 would be bought instead. So they scrapped the 5. You actually can't buy an iphone5. So instead of dropping the cost, as they always did on the older models, they did a double wammy. They took the 5 off the market, added a plastic case instead, and then sold it for the identical price the metal 5 would have been sold at. So its not cheap, its just a plastic iphone 5 replacement.

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    This may be the new iPhone :

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