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Thread: Apple Rumored to be working on 4.7" and 5.6" iPhones for Q3 2014 Release

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    If they decide to call it "iPhone" anyway then perhaps it can be called iPhone Pro. Otherwise, it needs something to slot in to the mini, Air, Pro naming convention that the iPad is developing:

    iPad micro
    iPad fusion (Apple fuse?)
    iPad Go
    iPad talk
    iPad cell
    iPad nano
    iPad Zoom
    iPad Snap

    The last two play up the improved camera side of things, you know, since iPads typically have no flash but a high-end phone is expected to. The idea that it represents a fusion of two device categories makes me wonder if it may be called simply "Apple"-something like the Apple TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glgbnaf View Post
    wow finally a bigger screen i had iphones since day one back in 2007 and still have everyone till now on my gold 64 gb 5s, i just hope it comes with at least a 4.7 in screen a 5 would be great but hey, its apple here lol im happy with a 4.7, also a pixal screen of 1980 by 1020 too and a 2 gb ram!!!! them 3 features they NEEEEED!! android has had them apple has some catching up to do!!
    Why do they need the ram?

    Catching up to do?

    Just get an S4 and put an apple sticker on the back. Wish granted!

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    So the larger one is still a phone right? So it's an iPhone that won't be called an iPhone? O.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICO_ View Post
    So the larger one is still a phone right? So it's an iPhone that won't be called an iPhone? O.o
    It's all rumor and speculation. Don't waste your time worrying about names atm.

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    Apple wastes too much space on their devices for the home button and front camera/call speaker. Shrink those spaces and use some screen tech that allows the screen to go right to the edges like Samsung's flexible OLED. Unless that's also a design feature to have a border around the screen. In that case, stop it Apple.

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