Apple’s two-year-long effort to restore Brisbane’s historic MacArthur Chambers building has come to fruition with the opening of the company’s newest Australian flagship store and new pictures offer a closer look at the efforts made to restore the building. Photographs taken at a pre-opening press availability by Australian publication Reckoner reveal the meticulous nature of the restoration, which extends all the way to the individually-polished marble tiles that form a mosaic at the store’s entrance.

The store’s mezzanine level also seemed overhauled, though there appear to be no plans to open it to the public at this point. Apple removed and restored the mezzanine’s original wooden railing. The Cupertino California company appears to have taken great care not to overwhelm the store’s historic touches with modern upgrades. The acoustic dampeners and LED-backlit displays have been custom-made to fit in the with the store’s architectural features.

Plans for the store were first revealed in 2011 with an estimated cost for the renovation of nearly $12 million. The 1930s-era building served as the area headquarters for US general Douglas MacArthur during World War II.

Source: Reckoner via AppleInsider