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Thread: Samsung Planning Iris Scanner to Outshine TouchID

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    Quote Originally Posted by dapes View Post
    What next, blood?😱
    Lol... Won't be surprised when it happens....sim tray slides out like a diabetes tester...***** your finger and wait for confirmation to unlock.(as it sends your DNA data to uncle sam&#128540 Just release the cellular implants already. Google glasses without the glasses, the iRing but without the ring...let's just do it all with microchips already- that's where it's going anyway...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedomcmillan View Post
    Yea, because I want to bring my phone up to my face and stare into it to unlock it. It'll be laggy and work 70% of the time.
    I'd say 50 and and never in low light situations. This will be gimmicky as stop looking at a video to pause or wave hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
    They would have to make serious leaps and bounds in retina scan technology for this to work on a smartphone. Could you imagine trying to pull off a clean retina scan using a hand-held device in a dark room?? Seems like it would be nearly impossible to do, and do with the accuracy and consistency needed to make it work well enough to even be considered for a consumer smartphone!

    I personally prefer my Touch ID. Itís very secure and I can unlock my phone before I even have it out of my pocket to look at, so itís extremely fast and convenient.

    But boy I canít wait for the tinfoil hat conspirators who complained about their fingerprint being picked up by the NSA to apologize for this even more intrusive piece of tech!
    They will be doing iris scans not retina scans. Iris scans are not as complicated as retina scans. They eye can be scanned from about 1ft back. Glasses will work with it too.

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    So i cannot wear colored ilenses. 🙈

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