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but I have a huge 9300 mah battery, SD card, gigs of ram, overclocking and undervolted. The Note 4 is rumored to have an upgraded exterior.
So what?

"See this is what I don't get"

My iPhone 5's battery last plenty long "enough" (why do I need it to last any longer I do have a life without my phone)..

SD card? again I say "So what!" what do I need that for? I already have bluetooth, data cable, wifi, internal HDD and many apps can sync on the fly (So why do I need anything else when I already have more than enough?)..

gigs of ram? How many gigs of ram do you have, more importantly how much do you really need? Most people on avg don't even use 16gb! (I don't give a **** what you and your friends use, the world dose not revolve around your experiences)

Over clocking and under volted? Really? I mean really! (do I even have to say who cares? enough said!)

You do remember its a phone right? and you do own a computer? possibly even a tablet as well?

Actually seems what your real issue is, is that your upset Apple dose not make a tablet that works as a phone as well like your precious Note.