According to a new survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners over the last few months, Apple has improved its in-store iPhone sales. Approximately 25% of iPhones are purchased within an Apple store, up from an estimate of 20% earlier this year. The majority of iPhones in the US are still sold through carriers however with AT&T responsible for 21% of sales and Verizon responsible for 18%. Best Buy’s iPhone sales accounted for 13% of total sales and Sprint, Amazon and other mass retailers such as Target, Walmart and Costco accounted for 5% each.

Carriers are said to sell the most overall cell phones but Apple, though it only sells the iPhone, accounts for a total of 11% of all retail phone sales. Back in July, Cook told employees that he would like to improve Apple Store iPhone sales with new promotional tactics. According to Cook, the iPhone is Apple’s central “gateway product” to other devices like iPads, which makes it important that users purchase their iPhones where they can be exposed to other Apple products. Furthermore, to help encourage sales within Apple retail locations, Apple has launched new features for its Apple Store app, including an iPad version and debuted an in-store trade-in program in August with the goal of helping improve the company’s US sales numbers.

Although Apple has seen slight improvements in in-store iPhone sales, improving their iPhone sales within Apple Stores remains an uphill battle as Apple has roughly 250 retail stores in the US that compete with more than 10,000 third-party retail outlets that offer the iPhone.

Source: Consumer Intelligence Research Partners via AllThingsD