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Thread: AT&T No Longer Offering Traditional Capped-Per-Device Data Plans to New Customers

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    Ok did a look

    700 min 120 with unlimited Fam tex 3 gb Iphone

    40 3gb Iphone
    40 3gb Iphone
    40 unlimited GF Iphone

    So about 240 Fam plan with 9 gb at 90 and unlimited Data at 30 = 120 for just the data but our bill before tax is 240 with tax about 264

    About 66 an Iphone with tax AT&T

    The new plan would be less data and cost more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewdestinyX View Post
    My plan's about the same with AT&T.. I have 5 phones (one non-smartphone for grandparent) and a shared plan of 6GB.. We never go over.. And I'm paying $280.. Wonder why mine is $10 MORE than yours and only at 6GB... Hmm.. Will need to call AT&T on that one..

    I think the price is 'fair-ish'.. and over time - look at what all the cell carriers have had to give up.. No more 'text message overage' fees.. No more 'any time minutes' - it's all unlimited.. except Data.. They know that's their cash cow. But they're a business.. It's what businesses do - make money. Competition has been good for us - the end user. Wish they could do that with Health Insurance.. LOL!!
    Mobile Share with 6GB is $90 + $35 for each smartphone ($140 for four) and $30 for a basic phone. Your bill should be $260 + taxes and fees, which probably winds up being about $280. I don't think the other dude was quoting his bill with taxes and fees. If he was, he probably gets a discount.

    So before taxes, your bills should only be off by $10, and that's because smartphones on the Mobile Share plan with 6GB of data each cost $35/month extra, whereas they only cost $30/month extra on the Mobile Share plan with 10GB of data. The 10GB plan is $30 extra, but you save $25 on five smartphones (or in your case $20 on four smartphones and one basic phone) with that plan vs. the 6GB Mobile Share plan.

    Quote Originally Posted by zrevai View Post
    Which streaming services are you using over the cell network?? Even in HD 40GB+ per month seems a bit excessive considering how bad Hulu and Netflix both look over 3G/4G HSPDA+, the only exception was when I was in Anaheim near Disneyland and they both worked as well on 4G LTE as they do on my AT&T U-Verse DSL at 12Mbps.

    How is 40+GB even possible these days in a 30 day billing cycle?? That's a minimum of 1.333GB every day???
    It's my only source of Internet at home, so it's really not that hard to imagine. AT&T is the only option for Internet at my apartment, and the cheapest package they offer is $30/month for just 3Mbps; and that's just for the first year. After that, it goes up to $41/month. I get 15Mbps on my phone with Verizon, so I'd pay them $30/month for unlimited tethering before I'd pay AT&T the same for just 3Mbps.
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