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Thread: Apple's Touch ID System Bypassed by Hacker Group in Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by nealh View Post
    The process to hack the fingerprint sensor is absurd. Might as well cut off the persons finger
    I think that they make it seem like it is some HACK or CRACK that is more absurd. A crack implies using some other "key" to other than the stored "key" to open the "lock". In this case the guys are just making a copy of the original "key" (nothing stored on the device or intercepted during a unlock transaction) and using that to open the "lock". As far as wear to get fingerprints from it seems to logical to think that the persons own iPhone would be loaded with their own fingerprints probably more so on the sides and back. Possible even the fingerprint sensor (but probably nothing clear due to the oleo-phobic coating).

    After watching the video there are a few great clear fingerprints on the screen ripe for pulling.
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    Impressive if you like wasting time. When APple first proposed this finger print reader. I said to myself "you can cut off a persons finger" and access their phone. Yes extreme! Yes true. Who would really dot that?? Like the above..impressive but who will go to these lengths for a phone?? Who has the resources? It took a group of geeks to do it. That is NOT your normal thief at all. Anything can be compromised. Its all about how easy it is to do so..not how hard :]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty Manley Silberhorn View Post
    You can't just restore a phone anymore. Apple has taken security seriously and you have to put in your Apple ID information to activate the phone again.
    You're right. Your UDID is tied to your apple account. So if it gets stolen, it will never be a functioning iPhone for anyone else. Oh, and if AT&T or Verizon tries to activate it and it comes back as stolen, I doubt they would give the phone back to the thief...

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    LOL! This article is funny. Why not do an article titled "Elite SWAT team infiltrates high school football stadium during the game"?

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    they didn't hacked the print out of the device
    they made a fake print

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacknightmm View Post
    they didn't hacked the print out of the device
    they made a fake print
    They got around the finger print so I suppose they win. BUT, I thought the sensor looked deeper than the first layer? Also, I read a story that said a cut off finger would not work as it has to be a 'live' finger.

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    Oh for goodness sake. It's not Fort Knox, it's only an iphone. So it's going to have a certain degree of security. So what these idiots have done is lame very lame . The need to go away and make bigger discoveries like ice cream melts when you heat it up

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    "Biometrics is fundamentally a technology designed for oppression and control, not for securing everyday device access. " I would like to hear the explanation behind this statement.

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    thats crazy how fast they hacked touch ID

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    Quote Originally Posted by politicalslug View Post
    Between this and lock activation, I think Apple has effectively rendered the value of a stolen iPhone as nothing more than a pricey paperweight. The real question is how long will this take to trickle down to thieves and how many thieves will start incorporating "disable find my phone b-fo I smoke a fool" into their repertoire.
    They could just take it apart, and sell it for parts and just scrap the logic board, which has all the stuff like activation lock and whatever that makes that stuff possible... Like if u sold just the screen assembly on ebay you'd get at least $100. Ive seen them go up to $200. Just sayin...

    P.S. id never do this, im just pointing it out

    Quote Originally Posted by DRFP View Post
    Any truth to the latest story that Apple is cooperating with NSA and FBI to give them your fingerprints to use for finding criminals? Is this constitutional?
    If its happening, the constitutional part of it doesnt even matter, considering theyll pretty much do what they want anyway... :/

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