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Thread: 'Power Security' Prevents Your Device From Being Shut Down By Requiring a Passcode

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    Default 'Power Security' Prevents Your Device From Being Shut Down By Requiring a Passcode

    Additional security for iOS device users is now available in Cydia. A new jailbreak tweak dubbed Power Security by iOS developer David M can make it more difficult for unwanted hands to power off your iOS device. This makes it much easier to track your iOS device if it is lost or stolen by preventing a thief from tampering with the device.

    The tweak makes it so that you have to enter a passcode when you try to turn off your device by sliding to power the device down. If you can't put in the right passcode, then you won't be able to normally power down the device... or reboot it.

    In addition, the tweak makes it harder for someone to “hard reset” your iOS device by holding down the power and home buttons. Rather than allowing the device to hard reset, the device screen will just turn red and the device will respring instead. Although no tweak can really prevent this, all of the stuff happening on the screen at once is intended to make the thief panic and think that they can't really do anything.

    Power Security adds a preferences pane to the Settings application so you can adjust its settings:

    As soon as you enter the preferences pane for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a safety word, and a passcode. The safety word is used to figure out your passcode in the event that you ever forget it. You will need to enter the passcode twice – the second time to confirm that you spelled it right.

    After that, you can enable or disable the Power Security tweak on demand. You will need to enter your passcode every time you enter the preferences pane, so a thief is going to have a really hard time getting into this pane and just disabling it. You can also individually enable protecting your device from being rebooted, and deterring the user from being able to hard reset the device.

    Power Security is an impressive layer of security for anyone that wants to take more precautions to keep the information on their iOS devices safe. It also makes a great combination with Lockdown Pro, as the developer notes, to help turn your iOS device into Fort Knox.

    The tweak does require iOS 6.0 or later, but works on any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. If you want to give the tweak a try, it's available in Cydia's BigBoss repository for 99¢.

    Name: Power Security
    Price: 99¢
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: iOS 6
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: David M
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

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    This does make a lot more sense on an Idevice. No thief shutdown.

    Find my iPhone apps will send the last known location. Is there any trade off in security vs privacy from having that automatically running once a day at all times?

    Now if they could find a way to prevent the device from being shielded in five cents worth of tin foil once stolen. Or from having the case opened up and the battery removed. Or from being unlocked and shipped overseas.

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    Pretty cool tweak gonna check this out.

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    POWERDOWN ENHANCER already does this for free and has more options. cant fault someone for wanting to make an app. but wondering why?
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    and what if the battery dies? doesnt that render it somewhat useless?

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    I guess this is the only time where having a non-removable battery is an advantage. lol

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