In the event that one of the cameras on your iOS device isn't working correctly due to damage, it can be frustrating. In addition, itís annoying when iOS canít auto-detect that thereís a problem and disable the feature to switch to that busted camera. At least if it could do that, then you wouldn't have a useless icon creating clutter in the Camera application.

If you have a busted camera and you want to just disable the button that gives you the ability to switch to that busted camera altogether, you can download a new free jailbreak tweak called DisableCam by iOS developer RiDan. Notably, DisableCam is another project of FunWeek, which is a variant of TweakWeek.

As shown above, if you have a malfunctioning camera, you can choose to hide the button that would normally lead you to that broken camera. This makes it so that you will always start the Camera application to the working camera and wonít have to deal with a nearly functionless button cluttering up your valuable camera application interface.

The DisableCam tweak will only work for the stock Camera application, and not for third party camera applications in the App Store. This is because there are simply too many different kinds of camera applications in the App Store, and new ones come out every day. So it would be very hard to keep up with such support. On the other hand, every iOS device at least has the default Camera application built into it, and many people use it, so it makes the most sense to support that one.

DisableCam adds a preferences pane to the Settings application where you can choose the camera button that you want to disable in the interface (depending on the camera that you no longer want to use). So if your front camera wasn't working anymore, you might choose to disable the button that would normally open the front camera, so that your Camera application would only bring you to your rear camera:

DisableCam will only be useful if you have a broken camera, or just never use one or the other. If you want to grab this tweak, it's available for free in Cydia's BigBoss repository.

Name: DisableCam
Price: FREE
Version: 0.0.1-1
Requirements: A camera
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: RiDan
Editor's Rating:  3/5