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Thread: SNES Emulator Found Hidden in a Recently Released File Manager App in the App Store

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsg View Post
    it's awesome, but should we be concerned that devs are getting things past Apple, I mean what if somebody has created an app with malicious code hidden in it. It just crossed my mind
    Good point. Definitely makes you think.

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    I cannot see in my app store.. Great.

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    Think they dropped it

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    Not found in US app store???
    I think they might have removed it

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    Missed it by Seconds yesterday =(

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    I feel no shame in using roms from games my brothers and I actually purchased. We bought thousands of dollars in games for our consoles as kids. They are all at mom's house. Fair use law allows me to have a backup, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuG III View Post
    Ok so you make a back up of your own game? Doubtful any of these people do. But that's not the point. I use emulators (Dolphin specifically) but I have owned all the games I use with my emulator. It's still illegal and making backup disc images is a legal grey area when considered for emulator use.
    Emulation is still illegal even when using your own backups?! Absolutely NOT true!

    Like most emulation, an SNES emulator does not require an illegally obtained BIOS or game dump. If the emulator itself is illegal, it's because someone stole the open-source SNES9x code and used it improperly, which has nothing to do with the user. Emulation has been proven legal time and time again. You must be too young to remember Connectix vs. Sony. Gamestop even has a history of selling unofficial commercial game emulators including Connectix Virtual Game Station (PSX emulator for Mac), Bleemcast (PSX emulator for Dreamcast), a PS2 Action Replay with Genesis/Mega Drive emulator, the Datel Advanced Game Port, and Bleemcast. There are innumerable official game collections and re-releases that incorporate commercial emulators.

    Think before you speak.

    And, yes, I do make backups of my own games even though I prefer them on the original console. As for backup copies of Gamecube and Wii discs: There isn't any gray area without circumventing "effective copy protection," as the DMCA puts it. Copy protection against ROM dumps is almost non-existent and only exists for a select few SNES games (Super Mario RPG, for example). Most ROM cartridge copy protections were protections against ROM emulators that played them on the original console.

    Because games are sold like movies and not licensed like PC software, First Sale doctrine invalidates any EULA or license-like restrictions no matter what the manual or box claims. Copyright Law entitles you to a backup regardless of the copyright holder authorizing it. Nintendo claimed that copyright law and your right to a backup only applied to "computer disks" back in the N64 days and then they completely reversed course after adopting a "disc" format of their own. Compaq dumped and reverse-engineered IBM's original PC BIOS, which was a ROM, when they created the first PC clone and the courts found the clones and the method PERFECTLY LEGAL, so it does not only apply to computer discs/disks and has applied to ROMs as long as anything else. The manuals and boxes also prohibit rental without permission even though Nintendo LOST that lawsuit way back in the '80s and the courts ruled that it was perfectly legal to rent their games, so you can't put any weight in what you read there about backups
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