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Thread: Seven iOS 7 Features Apple Borrowed From the Jailbreak Community

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    People are always going to find a reason to's stupid. In most cases we all know that Apple likes to work on new ideas over a long period of time perfecting them before implementing them into the OS; so a lot of these things have probably been with Apple for awhile. This is only going to make things better for the iPhone and for JB's, devs will be taking tweaks to the next level! This is a great release from Apple!

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    I think the similarities are awesome. Less jailbreak tweaks needed on that and we can focus on new tweaks

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    There is also livepapers that will be unuseful.

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    Thanks for the jailbreaking community then. I hate jailbreaking just to get these features, thanks to iOS 7, I don't need it anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
    What happens a lot of times is when Apple introduces something new into iOS, the jailbreak community tries to make it better.

    One thing I can predict happening right off the bat is Apple's new Control Center getting more toggles through the use of jailbreak tweaks.

    A lot of things the jailbreak community has offered for users now have similar offerings in iOS 7 stock, but the jailbreak community will now try to make them more useful and offer more functions.
    Agreed. This is the reason I keep jailbreaking. It's those subtle enhancements that just make the new features even better. I will continue to jalbreak and support the devs as long as the dev's continue to do so.

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    What better way to discourage people from jailbreaking than incorporating the best jailbreak features into the native OS. Some people jailbreak for SBSettings of some of the more basic, but flexible stuff, so why jailbreak if Apple gives you that by default. Infinifolders is another tweak they added to their iOS feature list. Jailbreak classics like UniAW will keep me jailbroken on 6.1.2 until iOS7 is jailbroken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sand_man View Post
    All the more reason why Apple should be working alongside the jailbreak community. It's only a security risk cause hackers are constantly working to find new exploits to ensure Cydia and jailbreaking survives and they succeeding I might add.

    In fact if Apple endorsed Cydia and jailbreaking they would have far more control over potential security risks than they currently do, including what material ultimately finds its way to market.

    Getting back to your point have you, or anyone on this forum for that matter, ever had conclusive evidence that personal information was compromised via a program or piece of software installed via Cydia??

    EDIT: I agree Apple will never endorse jailbreaking, I'm just not convinced that this is in their best interests. What a great asset the jailbreak community is. USE IT!!!
    Back in 2009 when I had a jail broken iPhone, I was part of the jailbreak community that received a messages saying how easy it was to comprise everyone's jail broken phone. So I would answer your question as yes.

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    Default im in
    Quote Originally Posted by wiipro View Post
    also iblacklist would be nice lol

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    Can jailbreak developers sue Apple for borrow their hard working tweaks apply to iOS7 and never return ? LOL . IF Iphone with no jailbreak I rather use my stupid phone to make the calls instead using smartphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by jOnGarrett View Post
    I like how you use the term "borrowed" but when others do it its stealing right? also, what makes you so certain that these came from the jailbreak community who by the way make these tweaks and mods based upon what stock Android does.
    Nope. They borrowed it. Just like Samsung borrowed the iPhone's design years ago. They were going to return it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohit555 View Post
    Oh my god people are retarded. First they keep complaining that ios doesnt have toggles.. It doesnt have the cool android features. And when they do introduce them, they are bad for having taken it off from some tweak that already does it. Grow up pessimists.
    Ok, I've been seeing many people around here and other places like twitter and such voicing distaste for the new overall "flat" appearance of the user interface in iOS7, but I've hardly seen anyone complaining about things like Command Center, changes in the Notification Center, the expose/card-style switcher, etc. I've seen comparisons drawn to JB equivalents of a lot of those features, but I cannot recall a single post of someone actually putting iOS7 down because of them.

    So please either cite some actual sources to such claims, or stop contributing to the perpetuation of false/over-inflated notions and general dis-information. Unless you can actually confirm such claims to be true, then all you're doing to propagating unsubstantiated hearsay that you probably just heard someone else say somewhere else.

    I'm really getting sick of seeing one thing getting misinterpreted (sometimes intentionally) as something completely else that was never actually said, that gets repeated over and over and some people end up thinking that it's the reality. I'm reminded of how people seem to think Jason from the classic Friday the Thirteenth films used a chainsaw, when he practically never touched on on screen, all because of generalizations that were spread around the public consciousness. Just please stop spreading falsehoods unless you actually know something to be true first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seevicr View Post
    also iblacklist would be nice lol
    iOS7 provides the ability to block numbers from calling, texting, & facetiming..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodwork View Post
    The jb community should sue apple for copying their tweaks.
    +10000000000000000 stealing people hard work but not giving them a credit or $

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    Quote Originally Posted by meatholes View Post
    iOS7 provides the ability to block numbers from calling, texting, & facetiming..
    .....but they can't stop me from fascinating !


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    another thing i noticed is if you add a contacts to favorites you can see there contact pics. cant remember if that was on ios6 or not.

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    Don't like the new iOS 7 theme looks.
    Flat look is like going back to time. I was hoping it be 3d or better. Of all the stuff I seen in IOS 7 I been had it. nothing new to me. We still don't have the power to change the theme sad to say. I radio is cool, but not for me. I pay data and I only have 4gb that don't last long.
    I was hoping some cool icons. Well this mean back to jail breaking the IOS 7 again. Hope your like flat icons

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    Quote Originally Posted by weazle23 View Post
    another thing i noticed is if you add a contacts to favorites you can see there contact pics. cant remember if that was on ios6 or not.

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