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Thread: Apple Added Tons of New Features in iOS 7, But Will They Work On Your iOS Device?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwizurd View Post
    Airdrop is what has me vexed. I've had my 4s for just under a year, and it already feels obsolete. One of the reasons I came to iOS from android was the (perceived) longevity of the devices and software update compatibility. Oh well, software aside.... I can't go back to android, I do love the whole iOS ecosystem.
    You bought a phone knowing that it had been out for a year already. Life-cycles start when a product is released, not when you purchase it. You have a two-year old phone, so I'd say the longevity is surpassing Android quite handily, given you can have iOS 7 on the day it's released.

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    I'm not arguing that, just bummed that I'm not due an upgrade for another year. Still an apple fan/supporter, And will continue to be. I guess I'm more or less convincing myself to grab the 5s when it drops regardless of out of pocket expense.
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    Andriod devices either cant run the latest and cough "greatest" version of the OS because it's too old or you have to wait 4-6 weeks for your phone manufacturer to mod the OS before they'll send it to your device.

    At least Apple will let all devices that are supported (And yes they've already said what will and what wont run 7) have 7 on the day of release.

    I work with a guy who's got a Samsung slab of a phone and he had to wait months before he could get the latest OS because Samsung would not let him have it unless he rooted it, which could have bricked his phone. I've never heard of anybody who bricked their phone because of a jailbreak.


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    Apple is actually the best about updates for older devices. They finally killed off the 3GS, but what was it, 4yrs old already? No other manufacturer supports a 4yr old device with OS updates.

    Android devices are seldom on the latest and greatest OS version, except for maybe the devices with the Nexus label. Individual manufacturers are on their own timetable, and many stop providing updates after a devices is over a year old. Many Android devices do have hacker/developer support to get the latest and greatest OS onto "ancient" devices. That depends on developer interest of a particular model and is not the same thing as official manufacturer support.

    With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft abandoned even brand new Windows Phone 7.5 devices.

    So when it comes to planned obsolescence, Apple is actually better about support older devices than any other manufacturer.

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    Look at all that stuff that would easily be done on a 3GS or older...
    Locking features from the 3rd Gen iPad is ludicrous. The iPad Mini has a worse CPU, Soc and GPU, half the RAM, than the 3rd Gen iPad.

    @The Wifi Cards aren't uber enough for AirDrop...
    AirDrop is nothing more than Ad-Hoc Wifi wrapped in a nice name.
    It's "supported" on Macs going back to 2008, and even with the so called "need for a special Wifi card" hackers tweaked Lion to allow ANY Mac to use AirDrop. Why do you believe Apple as gospel?
    The Nintendo DS from 2004 does Wifi Ad-Hoc.

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